Organic Forge sketch

Forge by James White

I started playing with my Forge engine again recently, using some shapes I had plugged into it over a year ago. I had mentioned it before, but Forge is a simple Flash application I developed about 3 years ago to help me generate random assortments of shapes and patterns. As simple and clunky as the program is, Forge has helped me create quite a lot of useful vector assets I use in a lot of my art.

I want to start using more of it’s organic tendancies in my work, and give the program a bit more freedom to do what it wants. The piece above is just a sketch of it’s capabilities, with effects and colors added in Photoshop.






6 responses to “Organic Forge sketch”

  1. Benajmin Reece Avatar

    I love it! can you recommend a place that I could find out more about the Forge engine?

  2. Cameron Moll Avatar

    Second that. Is Forge publicly available?

  3. Benjamin Alijagić Avatar

    As James said:
    my Forge engine” and “Forge is a simple Flash application I developed about 3 years ago”

    Looks like it is not public, or?

  4. james Avatar

    Forge is something I built on my own to help me create random shape combinations. It’s very simple and quite cantankerous, I’m surprised smoke doesn’t pour from my CPU when I run it :) I heard it crashes on Macs quite often.

    But no, it isn’t really available anywhere online yet. If I ever manage to tame the code to have it run a bit smoother perhaps I will post an example here for you guys to have a look at.

  5. Benjamin Reece Avatar

    Thanks for the response! To all reading still, here are some similar resources (after brief research), I am sure you could find more):

    Visualization Processing Language:

    SPRAY Shape/Vector Generator (Just copy to clipboard into illustrator- works amazing!)

  6. james Avatar

    Thanks for the links, Benjamin! I’ve done brief research into Processing, and Spray looks very interesting. Definitely worth looking into, thanks man.

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