Organic Forge sketch 2

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  1. I guess it is your goal with this project since organic stuff don’t really look “clean tidy” but this looks a little too messy to me. I don’t get the peaceful feeling I do get when I watch your other creations. What I always liked with your job is that there’s some kind of structure in the randomness you create, and I can’t find it on this one. Those are just my 2 cents, you still rock ! Peace

  2. Keep going. You’re on to something new. It sounds like you’re stretching yourself, and as we all know, nothing great comes without difficulty. I like these last two sketches you’ve done, and I would encourage you to keep going!

  3. i agree about the messiness
    also, maybe you should start using some other than primary colours?
    i’m missing some less obvious tones?

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