OplossingI continued my abstract experimentation last night using a similar color palette as before, and created Oplossing. By overlapping the shapes and setting the top layers to Color Burn, I unlocked a new range of bold colors to work with. The shapes are essentially the same oranges and blues I used before but I let them fuse together naturally when I worked with them.

I’m sometimes paranoid about leaving opacities at full on overlays because I have a hard time ‘not’ seeing strictly the effect I applied. With this new piece I tried to separate myself from the actual process and to see the colors for what they were. Joshua Davis made a point of saying “It’s hard to see your environment when you’re in your environment” during his QBN speech, which is very true and sort of applies to what I’m doing, or trying to do. It’s easy for me to see a bold red as being the result of two or more effects, so it’s hard to see only the vibrant color and how well it works.

So as I continue I’m forcing myself to forget Photoshop and focus on the colors it might generate.






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