Omringen and De Aanleggen ’08

OmringenThis one, entitled Omringen uses symmetry to get a bit of a different composition. I’m having a good time using these shapes to convey different compositions and aesthetics as I work on them. This is essentially one shape duplicated at different sizes, and overlapping groups on top of one another to create different shades of color. The design is ever-changing, which is quite exciting to see.

The works in this style thus far have been sketches at low resolution, but as I gain a bit of momentum I will be trying out larger scale works to see how much more a larger canvas can handle. More real estate means more shapes.

I created another image earlier today entitled De Aanleggen ’08 which was the first in this color palette inspired by harvest gold fridges and avocado green stoves of the 1970s.






2 responses to “Omringen and De Aanleggen ’08”

  1. Lucrezia Avatar

    Nice work! I’ll have to do a cross post on this one ;)

  2. Nucca Avatar

    Fantastic post!!! Cheers!

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