Olly Moss on Star Wars

In a world where modern film posters for the most part give us designers a sinking feeling, we thankfully have guys like Olly Moss out there. So much can be said about these beautiful re-imaginings of the best film trilogy out there, don’t even know where to start. Olly treated Star Wars with care and respect while breathing his own unique and clever vision in the designs.

According to Mondo, these posters will be for sale this Monday, December 20th at a limited run of 400 prints each. These will probably be gone faster then the Falcon can make the Kessel Run.






7 responses to “Olly Moss on Star Wars”

  1. Enzudesign Avatar

    Very nice share indeed James, lovely illustrations indeed. Especially a great use of the 3 color or less rule ;)

  2. Bryant Avatar

    I love how that Cloud City Building became Boba Fett’s visor.

  3. John Avatar

    These are wonderful! modern graphics are nice, but sometimes simple is better. too many people want their art to overshadow the point of the piece; these are stunning in their simplicity (visually – I know the process is hard) and astounding in the story they tell. Thanks for sharing – full size on etsy would be awesome!

  4. James Avatar Avatar

    Thank you for posting. These are amazing!

  5. Adam Avatar

    wow i reali like this olly moss work :D my favourite on is the return of the jedi poster x

  6. Viktor Avatar

    So is here anyone that got one ?

    I didn´t.

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