OFFF Barcelona 2011

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  1. Man, I already said it:

    Hit Spain with 88 Miles per hour and leave some Metal in their Minds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Say Hi from the SAUR! (And get your damn Store fixed ;-))

    Someday the beers are on me buddy! Promise HEHE

    All the best

  2. Hey !

    I can’t wait to be there too !
    I hope i will be able to get a t-shirt !

    My plane take off the 8th of June… So I have to wait… And I still have so much work to do !

    See you !


  3. See you there guys, I’ll be in Barcelona on the 8th, early morning, we could arrange a meet-up there and hang out for a beer or two? :) Reach me @jumpzero on Twitter, I’ll be listening!

  4. Thanks for all the nice words, gang! Can’t wait to meet all those attending the event this year. So many creative people all in one place. Really excited.

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