Off to Paris

Off to Paris

From May 19th to May 26th I will be in Paris to do a bit of vacationing. I’m looking forward to the sights and sounds of a city I have never been to, especially a place as significant as Paris. Going to hit the Louvre, the Tower and a lot of wandering about doing tourist stuff. In terms of age, Halifax is a baby compared to cities in Europe and I’m very much looking forward to seeing such an historic place.

This being the case, I will not get the opportunity to update the blog until I return home to Halifax. Also, anyone ordering from the Signalnoise Store today or next week will see a slight delay in their deliveries. Sorry for the inconvenience, but I simply won’t be here to pack up posters :)

So have fun, everyone. I’ll see you when I return.






4 responses to “Off to Paris”

  1. lau Avatar

    As i said last time by mail If you need a guide for paris I’m in paris everyday ;-)

  2. TmiY Avatar

    Have fun! Be shure to bring a camera and I hope you wil return with much inpiration. It’s a beautiful city…

  3. Ben, from before Avatar

    Not if I see you first.

  4. kordobez Avatar

    all your work
    is awsome
    is so inspiring


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