Off to FITC Toronto

FITC Toronto

After a few months of anticipation, my pal Chris Toms and I will be departing from Halifax to Toronto tomorrow morning to attend the FITC festival from April 25th to April 28th. We will be staying in the heart of things at the Hilton.

So, from here on out I will be taking the blog and Twitter mobile and will be updating from the road as we wander about the presentations and parties with like-minded creatives. I’m unable to bring any posters, but will be armed with Signalnoise bookmarks for anyone who would like one. Just flag me down :)

Hope to see you there!

Sidenote: The above FITC graphic is an altered version of a logo on this page :)






6 responses to “Off to FITC Toronto”

  1. riles Avatar

    well, you should phone me!

  2. Joseph Cotten Avatar

    Very cool. I can’t be there, so I’ll be able to get the next best thing through you! Woohoo!

  3. Joël LeLièvre Avatar

    Have a great trip dude! Try to keep yourself and Chris outta trouble. ;)

  4. james Avatar

    Thanks gang! Looking forward to the weekend :)

  5. GlenJM Avatar

    Awesome website Smashing Magazine gave you a great shout out!…

  6. Michael Clayton Avatar

    The book scans site you linked to is a great little resource, thanks for that.

    Good job with the “Big Green” alteration, love the colours :)

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