Obsolete Computer Book Covers

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  1. Great post, thanks for sharing!

    It’s interesting to see how vivid and colourful these books are. I certainly remember the Commodore 64 Graphics and Sounds book and it amazes me how inspirational these books must have been when looking at some contemporary designers work.

  2. These bring back such fond memories for me. Hours in front of the television, waiting for the cassettes to load. We didn’t get floppy drive until much later.

    This is still imprinted in my mind, however :

    Load *.* ,8,1

  3. I actually owned all those C64 books, and many more besides. Still have a couple somewhere. Sad that even though we have the old C64 it fails to work due to a fried VICII.

  4. more than a few memories there… :) My favourite was always the ZX81 Basic manual; the scifi nerd in me loved the Bladerunner feel (even though BR wasn’t even out then…)


    Also interesting to think real computer graphics probably weren’t used in the vast majority of these books, not advanced enough at the time. Had to rely on an artists interpretation of what computer graphics should look like.

  5. unfortunately Cobol is still widely used in the business world(especially banking and finance), so that one is still probably valid, unfortunately no one is learning Cobol these days….

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