Nova Scotia: The Great White North patch

When you read news stories like this and this, you strike while the iron is hot. We have Great Whites in Nova Scotia these days. Living on the east coast of Canada we very rarely hear anything shark-related, let alone the kings. Top of the food-chain. Great White sharks, man.

“You’re gonna need a bigger boat.” — Chief Martin Brody, JAWS, 1975






4 responses to “Nova Scotia: The Great White North patch”

  1. Peterpasha Avatar

    one of these days I’ll tell you my “face to face with a mouth full of teeth” story!

  2. Paul Pants Avatar

    I think you’re gonna need a bigger patch. Sorry.

  3. Derek Kinsman Avatar

    Dude, being a Nova Scotian living in Toronto this badge put a huge smile on my face. I want a James White Nova Scotia badge as a tattoo.


  4. Matthew Avatar

    To soon, James. Too. Soon. :P

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