Nike Track Nationals poster

Nike Track Nationals by James White

Here is a recent poster design I created for the Nike Track Nationals event. I had a great time working with the folks over at the mighty Nike, they wanted something bright and explosive to kick-of the event promotion.

This was a challenge as I was hired to create a design surrounding all of the elements they supplied me with, including the logos and photographs. My designs is typically more simplistic then this, so it was an enjoyable deviation from my Signalnoise work as I massaged the elements into the concept. I had a great time developing that colorful pixellated background.

As with most of my posters, I went through a few different versions before landing on what Nike was ultimately looking for. Here are a few working concepts as I explored:

Nike Track Nationals by James White

Thanks so much to the team over at Nike for this project. Lots of fun. You can also swing by for more information about the big event.






8 responses to “Nike Track Nationals poster”

  1. Richie Avatar

    Awesome… I just love the colors and the blend …. It has a become a signature art of yours…

  2. Courtny Cotten Avatar

    As always, looking great!

    Did you have to do a series of these for each event or was this it?

    Being a track athlete myself at the collegiate level I definitely appreciate these, we should commission you for our team!!

    Rock on!

  3. james Avatar

    Courtny, I was hired to do the one poster, not a series. I believe this was the kick-off poster but elements will be used throughout the campaign as it ramps up. Stoked to hear this lands in your field :)

  4. John Avatar

    Well, I must say I’m not the biggest fan of this one.

    I think it feels very muddy, with everything blurring together a bit too much. I feel the way the track lines are colored doesn’t mesh well with the way the letters of ‘TRACK’ were colored.

    I like the works in progress more. This could be because they’re less busy and I’m a fan of minimalism more.

    Even so, I still like seeing what you come up with James.
    Keep it up!

  5. tod Avatar

    I really love your use of colours. Could possibly drop the opacity on the stock images even. For me, they kind of distract me from that nice, shiny text.

    I am curious, how does one get contracted by Nike?

  6. Michael Hansen Avatar

    Very nice! I must say that the bottom-right work in progress is my favorite… it has a nice balance to it.

  7. paolo Avatar

    ultra-stylish-retro-futurist-baroque- shall we hope for a tutorial? Great work, as usual!

  8. Cameron Avatar

    Great Poster man, really is amazing! Where did you get your inspiration from?

    Also i’ve always been intrigued do you use a graphics tablet when doing your art or do you use the power of the mouse?

    Thank you for your continuing inspiration you provide to the design community.

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