Nike: Los Angeles 1984 poster

A while back I was commissioned by the mighty Nike Running to develop some t-shirt designs for their 2011 line. I enjoy working with the folks at Nike as they always send over fully realized briefs on what they are looking for while leaving the execution quite open for me to experiment and have fun. Perfect freelance situation to be in.

Shown above is a recreation of a graphic Nike had developed originally for the 1984 Olympics in LA. The original concept was to be used on a t-shirt in straight vector, but I liked how the medal came together and really wanted to throw some texture and effects on that shiny surface.

The poster above was never used by Nike in any part of their campaign, just something I did for fun while working on the project. Taking a client job that extra step. As a matter of fact, I haven’t seen the t-shirt version of this yet. If anyone comes across it, let me know.

I might be sending this to the print shop to see how the proof looks, and might do a small run after that.






11 responses to “Nike: Los Angeles 1984 poster”

  1. invenio design Avatar

    maybe add some flares :P :P
    your creativity is always perfect!! good job man!

  2. Jorden Tually Avatar

    I see a perfect balance of flares for my liking! Its great!!! All it needs is LIGHTNING!!!

  3. Gerry Avatar

    are you able to sell that poster even though it has Nike branding on it ??

  4. Simon H. Avatar

    I love the idea of the tape around it.
    I wonder what it would have looked like with the rings and the date being centered underneath instead of on the right.

  5. tehPaperCut Avatar

    I’m curious to see the answer to Gerry’s question.

  6. james Avatar

    Gerry, tehPaperCut, I never sell anything that has a logo or trademark owned by someone else, unless I have permission from them directly. This will most likely be a limited run used for freebies or gifts.

    Simon, funny you should mention because I tried doing just that. But the center was thrown off by the random drips making the logo beneath look wrong. Even though it WAS centered, it didn’t look like it was. It was a pain. :)

  7. Matt Avatar

    Great work preserving the original feel and time while making it distinctly yours.

  8. kay486 Avatar

    I really like te original one! The reflection there looks much more realistic!

  9. PJ Tierney Avatar

    A tutorial on aspects of this (I remember you did one on the text effect with the Sword logo) would be awesome :)

  10. nod Avatar


    but why the hell is it leaking? :P

  11. Rob Imbs Avatar

    You’re insanely talented

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