Nike Air: Molecule

Here is another design originally intended for a Nike Air t-shirt. This was created around the same time as the previous Los Angeles 1984 design, presumably for the same campaign. Once again, I was tasked with taking a previous illustration Nike had in their archive, and redesigning with a modern flare. This was a fun one, and I had a good time working with the gradients.

Once the job was complete I once again took it upon myself to finish the design with some textures and lighting. I enjoy doing the straight textures but the design really comes to life when those additional details are added.

The specific poster design you see here wasn’t used, just something I did after the fact. I’m not sure where the molecule design itself landed in the campaign, if you see it let me know.






6 responses to “Nike Air: Molecule”

  1. Brad Avatar

    Nice as always.

  2. Cristian Valverde Avatar
    Cristian Valverde

    you did it again! xD

  3. Rod McPanther Avatar
    Rod McPanther

    You and your designs remind me of how much fun creating an image can be. Thanks, you’ve inspired me to push a few ads in a more way more fun direction. keep it up! You’re solid gold baby.

  4. Eric "WizKid" Odom Avatar

    Awesome! Just awesome. As I said on Facebook, absolutely amazing. I like the subtle textures and the gradient work is superb. Great work!

    Need this as a poster!

  5. Jorden Tually Avatar

    ok this also is amazing!

  6. Leo Avatar

    I sounds like you didn’t get to know anything about the final campaign and how your stuff was used. Is this normal for work you do? I’d really like to see the original to take a look at how you work, what you change and what you keep, etc.

    I’m a big fan, so don’t get me wrong, but how about going back to multicolores gradients as a trademark instead of the lensflares?

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