‘Nike Air Max 1’ by Matt Stevens

Here is a fantastic example of a personal project relating to an existing brand/product. The talented Matt Stevens decided to do some visual interpretations of Nike’s famous Air Max 1 sneaker, keeping the same general layout for each design and messing with concept, style and color treatment. I plucked a few of my favorites for this post, but check out the entire run. Just look at all the diverse styles.

Not only are all of his fun interpretations well executed, but he’s drawing on all kinds of nerdy material like comics, films, cartoons, toys as well as paying homage to some of his favorite artists and designers like Olly Moss, Aesthetic Apparatus, Aaron Draplin and more. Matt is taking something and making it his own, and he’s obviously having a lot of fun. That’s reason #1, keep rockin’ Matt!

Swing by Matt’s official site for more of his work, and say hello on Twitter. Thanks to my bud Fulton Hawk for reminding me of this series.






4 responses to “‘Nike Air Max 1’ by Matt Stevens”

  1. Mat MacQuarrie Avatar

    I counted 3 Batman inspirations : )
    Wicked cool!

  2. Flavio Paiva Avatar

    Great, inspirational

  3. Jesse Avatar

    The Olly Moss one made me crack up.

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