Daft Punk to score Tron 2

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  1. Joseph, I hear you. This kind of news seems like a no-brainer, but no-brainers are few and far between in the film industry these days (with a few exceptions). I, too, am all about this 80s action.

    Chris, dream job :)

  2. I usually skip most Disney movies but one that includes the music of Daft Punk I can’t miss. I had to retweet this one @chrismejia

  3. The first movie was pretty cool, but really.. this could becomes something groundbreaking with the help of Daft. Fantastic news! :)

  4. making the second movie to tron was too far overdue
    where other movie follow ups was an year span and
    tron 2 was on and off for years now and whats next
    van helsing 2 where dracula and his brides gets ressurrected
    by an magical power and have hugh jackman reprising his
    role as van helsing and for the brides verona (keira knightley this time )
    aleera (elena anaya ) and marishka (josie maran ) and dracula
    richard roxburgh who plots the ultimate revenge on van helsing
    and the return of shuler hensley as frankensteins monster
    but tron 2 will be far superior than the first movie tron 2
    bring it on and next up judge dredd 2 with ben affleck as judge dredd
    and angelina jolie as judge hershey.

    frankie smales

    (tron movie fan)

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