New Twitter username

Just a little note for all my Twitter pals out there. As of yesterday, my Twitter username has been switched to a much more efficient form. You can now find me via the handle @Signalnoise. As you can well imagine, I’m pretty excited to have my Twitter name sync up properly with my online identity. Now all I need to do is reprint all my business cards.

So if you are using any programs that require you to make the switch manually, make sure you can properly find me in the Twitterverse.






3 responses to “New Twitter username”

  1. Watafak Avatar

    hey James, how did u manage to get your Signalnoise Twitter user?

  2. Mats Morken Avatar

    And it is autoupdated!!
    What was it before? I really can’t remember :)

  3. james Avatar

    Watafak, I think my note through the Support form happened to reach the right person, in all honesty. I feel this was a stroke of luck. :)

    Mats, previously it was @SignalnoiseArt, not really the name I wanted to have for so long. Now everything syncs up properly with my business name.

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