New Signalnoise project needs you!

Things have been a little quiet around the blog these last couple of weeks as I have been working tirelessly on my new Signalnoise project. You might have seen me yacking about this “new thing” on Twitter a few times. Well, all the work and planning will come to a head next week when I launch this thing online.

Everything to do with the project is kind of new territory for me. I’ve been speaking to wonderful people in the print industry, exploring different mediums, designing packaging, building the entire online presence, developing a new brand for this thing, and speaking to some creative people that I hold in very high regard. I’ve been playing this one pretty close to the chest, and keeping my mouth shut has been crazy hard this last little while.

However, this post has a purpose. In order to give this project some traction I’m going at it very differently than usual, by way of crowd-sourcing. Next week I’ll be launching an Indiegogo account in order to garner some support from people interested in helping this little thing along. I have some great rewards packages available at different levels of pledges to spice things up. This is 100% grassroots and will be run out of my home office in Dartmouth. A little adventure that just might grow with your support. And every bit of support is GREATLY APPRECIATED.

A big thanks to those few people who have already supported and helped this project along. You are a very small group, but you know who you are and your responses have been incredibly supportive and insightful.

So, watch this space next week! It’s about to get real interesting around here…






9 responses to “New Signalnoise project needs you!”

  1. Kyle Ische Avatar

    sounds like a lot of fun James!! looking forward to it!!

  2. Andy Fox Avatar

    I’m not sure which is more agonising – waiting for you to announce this or hanging on for the new Batman movie. OK, I’d like to support you if I can James, so I’ll look forward to finally finding out what’s going on next week. Have a good weekend over there.

  3. Simon H. Avatar

    Let’s do this.

  4. Dave Avatar

    I’ll keep my eyes open in eager anticipation.

  5. Paul Morel Avatar

    Looking forward to it.

  6. Barely Original Avatar
    Barely Original

    Can’t wait to see what you have in store for us, dude!

  7. Leukocyt Avatar

    I’m calling it now! Signalnoise toys!

  8. Rondell Avatar

    Looking forward to hearing more on this.

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