New Signalnoise poster: Liquid Gold 77

Liquid Gold 77 by James White

I’ve been very wrapped up with freelance work lately over the past few weeks, which has left very little time for me to work on my own designs. But I recently had a small window open to follow through with this new piece, entitled Liquid Gold 77. I really wanted to push a metallic style with this one, something I briefly experimented with on the Smashing Magazine poster I created last year. The 77 design actually stemmed from the freelance I am currently working on, but shifted over to the Signalnoise side.

Once again, the inspiration for this comes directly from old network promo animations from the late 70s and early 80s with over the top reflections and flares. Can’t get enough of that stuff.

This poster has already been sent to proof at the print shop, and will be landing in the Signalnoise Store in the coming week.






15 responses to “New Signalnoise poster: Liquid Gold 77”

  1. grazz Avatar

    Wow, it’s beauitful!

  2. Mbithi Avatar

    WOW!!I love it!

  3. Dragos M Avatar

    Great job, as usual. Love the crazy flares

  4. Idil Avatar

    looks fantastic.

  5. frebro Avatar

    I’d say it’s more like liquid bronze. Gorgeous!

  6. Karinne Avatar

    Ohhhh! Very nice!!!

  7. Brandon Avatar

    Seriously this is one of my favorites James, great work. I’m super impressed by the dark metallic shadow on the 77, just so awesome all around!

  8. james Avatar

    I really appreciate the kind words everyone. Thanks so much.

  9. J. Roveda Jr. Avatar
    J. Roveda Jr.

    Wow! F**king awesome! And I loved the subtle texture on the background.

  10. funkymagee Avatar

    Amazing work man!

  11. Jukes Avatar

    Very rad James.

  12. Ben Avatar

    It really looks and is very sharp! Although, not such a great year for births.

    Year before, much better.

  13. Daniel Avatar

    I wonder how you create the background….it’s amazing!

  14. […] as the ridiculous graphic above says, my two newest posters Awesome and Liquid Gold 77 are now available to purchase in the Signalnoise […]

  15. Susanna K. Avatar

    I don’t know what your freelance project is, but the 77s are one of my favorite bands of all time. I’m thinking about how this poster would look in my office.

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