New Signalnoise poster: Creator

If you’ve been following my Google+ page you would have seen me talking about this new piece over the past week. I was asked by the kind people at Advanced Photoshop Magazine to develop a design in order to break it down into a tutorial for the newest issue, so I set about building a new poster I call Creator.

Here’s the thing. I have a very organic, or maybe ‘crazy’ is a better word, method of conceiving and developing my artwork. I start out with an idea or concept then start chasing that image through my head by way of vectors, stock photography, personal assets and all the other nuts and bolts of my process. The problem is after I create something I’ll need to break it down into 18 easy-to-follow steps so readers can make their own piece. I can’t even explain how difficult that is for me to do. I even had a few bad starts on the job, here are some initial concepts:

In the case of Creator, I made a stripped down version for publication in Advanced Photoshop, then after the deadline I continued working on it to realize my initial vision for the final. More details, lighting, color adjustments and all that. I tinkered with this for weeks after it was sent off and had a ball doing it.

On the left is the final image I sent off to Advanced Photoshop for the tutorial, and on the right is work-in-progress version of the poster as I kept working on it. You will see all kinds of little changes I was making as I went along, involving little details, color adjustments, highlights and all that. I even swapped out the gem for a Tron disc thing. Great fun.

So keep an eye out for my tutorial in issue 85 of Advanced Photoshop Magazine. It should be on newsstands in the next month or so.






8 responses to “New Signalnoise poster: Creator”

  1. Kashane Avatar

    so good, nice work man!

  2. breq Avatar

    Super awesome, glad you got rid of the sims gem. :)

  3. breq Avatar

    It will look good on my iphone.

  4. Chris Avatar

    As usual, killer good

  5. Pentaura Avatar

    Even though I get every issue of Advanced Photoshop, this tutorial will make it all the more worth it!

  6. kay486 Avatar

    Prety darn awesome!

    What resolution do you work with?

  7. daniel Avatar

    top notch!

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