New Signalnoise poster: Awesome

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  1. oh dear lord…

    that is fucking insane! would look good next to my ride the lighting and master of puppets posters.

  2. This looks … well … awesome!!

    One question I do have, is in regards to the orange glow in the middle of the “o”. Considering that there is nothing behind the letter that is orange, it sort of looks like a mistake to me.

    Anyways, nice work!

  3. After you mentioned Judas Priest it clicked with whole lot of nostalgia – Point of Entry US cover, Heading out to the Highway video, K.K. Downing’s Flying V…
    Plus Deep Purple’s live album Nobody’s Perfect.

  4. Man, I had no idea you were making a poster all about me! If I could get that as a full back tattoo I would finally be the person I always dreamed I’d be.

  5. This is so badass. Totally melts my face off!
    I saw your tweet regarding surpassing your record for file size on this baby and just now got to see it.

    Definitely worth the size!

  6. from the hands of god?… no it fell out of satan’s hands when he was tossed out of heaven for playing metal that was so awesome god was jealous

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