New Signalnoise poster: Awesome

Awesome poster by James White

Here is the second new Signalnoise poster to be launched today, simply entitled Awesome. This poster represents all things metal: Iron Maiden, Judas Priest and Metallica’s Ride the Lightning. I developed the handmade typography a few weeks back and finally found it a suitable home, on a poster 7 year-old James would have lost his mind over back in the 80s. Here is a larger version.

Yes, the guitar is huge as it fell to earth from the hands of god. Insert Maiden solo here.

Other then being the first Signalnoise poster designed in landscape format, it also stands at 40″ x 27″, far bigger then my other prints available in the store. This will be sent to proof next week to see how all the photography looks, and will hopefully land in the Signalnoise Store soon afterward.

Stay heavy.






22 responses to “New Signalnoise poster: Awesome”

  1. Tim Avatar

    Love it. \m/

  2. Karinne Avatar

    Now THIS I might just have to by for my hubby… or just keep it for me! \m/

  3. Mbithi Avatar

    You are on fire dude!!
    Righteous \m/

  4. Mbithi Avatar

    Forgot to insert the Bill and Ted solo.

  5. pienose Avatar

    oh dear lord…

    that is fucking insane! would look good next to my ride the lighting and master of puppets posters.

  6. Brandon Avatar

    That is so savage!

  7. John Koski Avatar
    John Koski

    I don’t have words.

  8. Rubber Cheese Avatar

    simply awesome!

  9. Jukes Avatar

    I can feel a surge of awesome rushing through my body.

  10. pzilla Avatar

    This looks … well … awesome!!

    One question I do have, is in regards to the orange glow in the middle of the “o”. Considering that there is nothing behind the letter that is orange, it sort of looks like a mistake to me.

    Anyways, nice work!

  11. Alexei Avatar

    After you mentioned Judas Priest it clicked with whole lot of nostalgia – Point of Entry US cover, Heading out to the Highway video, K.K. Downing’s Flying V…
    Plus Deep Purple’s live album Nobody’s Perfect.

  12. Ben Avatar

    Man, I had no idea you were making a poster all about me! If I could get that as a full back tattoo I would finally be the person I always dreamed I’d be.

  13. Sheikh Avatar

    Where can I find a tutorial to build that text effect ?

  14. Courtny Cotten Avatar

    This is so badass. Totally melts my face off!
    I saw your tweet regarding surpassing your record for file size on this baby and just now got to see it.

    Definitely worth the size!

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  18. kazo Avatar

    that’s just, well…


  19. sandra742 Avatar

    Hi! I was surfing and found your blog post… nice! I love your blog. :) Cheers! Sandra. R.

  20. Corpse Botherer Avatar
    Corpse Botherer

    from the hands of god?… no it fell out of satan’s hands when he was tossed out of heaven for playing metal that was so awesome god was jealous

  21. Taylor Avatar

    I wish I could have this as my desktop wallpaper…

  22. Riya Avatar

    Can anyone tell me how can i create the same in my photoshop?

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