New Signalnoise logo stickers

Here we go, further implementation of my new Signalnoise identity, in sticky form. I came home from the office the other day to find a nice envelope from my friends at Sticker Mule with a fresh bunch of my new Signalnoise logo stickers. Nothing makes me happier then seeing my identity on stuff, especially stuff I can hand out to friends.

If you’ve met me at any of the design events I make it a priority to get my stickers into peoples’ hands, and I’ve been real proud of my previous stickers. Simple, round. Those things served me well and if you managed to grab one, they are now obsolete. Out of print forever. Collectors items. EBay gold.

Enter the new hexagon sticker, which may or may not have been completely ripped from my favorite board game, Settlers of Catan. Draw your own conclusions.

Now, the kind folks over at Sticker Mule hooked me up with a nice sampling of their capabilities at the right time, since I needed to update my swag. But here’s the thing, these stickers look and feel different then other stickers. There’s a soft, matte finish … almost feels plastic. No gloss. The best comparison I can hand out is a vinyl toy texture. Seamless color, looks real, real nice. Big thanks to Sticker Mule for really knocking these out of the park.

So if you see me at any upcoming design events, I’ll have some of these on me to throw around. I’ll also be adding these to online orders when my store is finally set up.






4 responses to “New Signalnoise logo stickers”

  1. Matthew Avatar

    Thanks for the heads up on the look/feel of Sticker Mule’s stuff. Makes me all the more excited to get mine in the mail in the next couple weeks.

  2. invenio design Avatar
    invenio design

    the circled ones are collector’s edition. one of them is on my studio table. means that my table is a “collector’s edition ikea table” ???

  3. Fazreen Avatar

    Cool stickers. any chances for Malaysian to have it?

  4. Dylan Avatar

    Are these available to purchase?

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