New Signalnoise identity

Signalnoise control room

I have been using this new icon for a little while now, which began as a style experiment, was applied to a wallpaper design for Smashing Magazine, used as a variant Varo logo, animated for my MTV Engine Room submission video, and eventually I started using it as a Signalnoise icon for my newer works. I have been tossing around the idea of a Signalnoise re-brand for a little while now as I feel my work and website has outgrown my winged skull design.

So after a lot of pondering and a lot of advice from friends, I will be working on phasing out my current Signalnoise logo to replace it with this new colorful identity.

New Signalnoise identity

The new identity was greatly influenced by colorful television broadcast graphics from the 1970s (namely NBC’s peacock). I wanted something simple that might lend itself to some nice animated sequences yet hold it’s own on the corner of my poster designs. I do have a soft spot for my winged skull, but I felt the time was right to evolve my personal identity to something a bit more appropriate.






11 responses to “New Signalnoise identity”

  1. Grant Friedman Avatar

    It looks good James! I liked the winged skull too but I feel like this design is much more in line with your current works.

  2. ferdinand Avatar

    I agree with Grant. The winged skull is really strong, but the new logo represents your latest works much better. It is gorgeous!

  3. Moey Avatar

    I like it, I’ve always loved the relations between colors.

  4. Lemon Avatar

    Very cool. I’ve seen it on your last few works and thought it was a good direction. It seems to fit more naturally with your current work.

  5. pienose Avatar

    I totally agree about everything, but I don’t see how the new logo will fit into your site. I can’t see how the supper colourful star would fit in with all the brown on the blog, not saying the blog or the logo look bad, they just clash.

  6. Abe Avatar

    it makes perfect sense. great job.

  7. Joseph Avatar

    Awesome. I can’t wait to see how it impacts your work in the future.

  8. Paul Johns Avatar

    I think it looks great! I have a question, though. If you wanted to print it in black and white, how would you handle that? Would you just print the outline?

    I guess the only logo that looks perfectly the same in b&w and color is a logo that is already white and just one other color.

  9. james Avatar

    Thanks for all the comments guys. Very much appreciated.

    Pienose, I had to edit my overall color scheme to make way for the new identity. You are right, my previous palette wouldn’t have worked at all.

    Paul, a great point. I have a working version of the black and white, but given that I use the spectrum it’s very difficult to get the same pop. I guess I’ll have to suck it up and use full color everywhere :)

  10. Paul Johns Avatar

    Good. for the first time in my life, I made myself a logo, and I actually like it, and I’m sure I could make it work in B&W with a little tweaking, but screw it, I’ll just use color everywhere too!

  11. ja rek Avatar

    nice colors

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