New shirts and Back to School sale!

I am happy to announce that there are now three new designs available in the growing family of Signalnoise t-shirts. Now for purchase in the Signalnoise Store are the Mask of Vulcan, the Signalnoise Chevrons and my black metal mascot shows up again in Lego form on the Metalego shirt. All orders are hand-packed by me on my coffee table, and includes a little swag bag full of Signalnoise buttons and stickers. Great for lockers and binders!

On top of that, I restocked a few of the previously sold out posters.

Back to School sale!

Along with the release of my new shirts, I will be having a Back to School sale to make it a bit more affordable for folks trying to get new posters for their dorm room or shirts for their backs. For the next week you can enjoy 15% off all orders, just use the code BACKTOSCHOOL when placing your order at the Signalnoise Store.

Welcome back to school, everyone!






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  1. Pamela H. Tylor Avatar
    Pamela H. Tylor

    I honestly like the back-to-school t-shirts. I like the red one the most. The lavender t-shirt is also cool, but I’d like it in another color. I think a black t-shirt would be great in these designs.

    I am a bit distracted with the tattoo in the arms of the model. But I have to say that the tattoo looks good on him.

    Pamela H. Tylor

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