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  1. Nice one. Love the work on the glasses. Not sure about the colours though. I feel there is a slight dissonance between the base colour and the highlights

  2. Love it man. Especially like the work surrounding those glasses and bolt. Looks fast…. 88mph fast in fact.

  3. James! SERIOUSLY! You are off the chain! Dude, let me know and I will get some screens burned and screen these bad boys for you.

  4. Ah man, I watched back to the future last night. Awesome!
    James you’re still the best :)

    maybe one day check ‘the dude’ up here..

  5. Back to the Future has always been my favorite movie series, so it’s pretty stinkin’ cool that my favorite graphic designer would delve into that territory. Nice work!

    Do you plan on having any of these for sale at MMTWO? (Side note, I’d be stoked to pick up a copy of Robot Rock as well… if you happen to have one with you at MMTWO)

  6. I’d like to see a poster of a character that doesn’t exist (yet). How about something like, say, “The Stippler?” That sounds pretty catchy. And I just noticed your signature in the bottom right corner. What was the first poster that this appeared on, and have you thought of hand signing and numbering the backs?

  7. Hi James. Love your new portrait work. Discussion. If I remember correctly you are not fond of Warhol. When I saw your portraits of Doc and Han, an updated contemporary Warhol style is the first thing that popped into my head. I love Warhol and do feel he had a huge roll in the history of Modern Art. The idea of taking something visually relevant and recognizable, stylizing it, mass producing it and selling/distributing it to the public is second nature these days.

    Since I’m such a huge Warhol fan, and a huge James fan, I hope the possibility of a little love between you two is possible.

    Keep up the fantastic work. I’ve been viewing your blog on a daily basis for years now. Thanks for all you do!

  8. Shawn, you don’t even know how relevant that topic is in my household these days. My girlfriend and I had this conversation 2 days ago. No foolin’. :) And it’s a weird one, let me do my best.

    You’re right, I’m no fan of Warhol for a couple of reasons. I don’t like how he used his popularity to get people to do unpaid work for him (opinion), plus I’m wary if he was actually a fan of the people he portrayed in his work. He was just reflecting what was popular, not because he was passionate about it (speculation). I bracketed those 2 words because I’m not citing fact … just my point of view and is easily disputable by Warhol fans. :)

    Even though I’m not a fan of Warhol, my artistic trajectory somehow brought me close to his in style (kind of) and content (sort of). Very unintentional and confusing to be quite honest. If I enjoy doing something I’ll keep exploring it, without worrying about outside influence … even if it’s an artist I’m not particularly fond of. The Warhol similarity occurred to me the other day and I had a good laugh.

  9. Agreed. Just a side note. You should check out Ciao! Manhattan on Streaming Netflix. Interesting movie about Edie Sedgwick. Pretty bizarre and sad with some fantastic footage of that era. I love the spaceman side story they come up with. Have a good week up north!

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