New poster proofs

Signalnoise: James White

I received three new proofs from the print shop this afternoon: Musica Viva, Atari and Robot Rock. Once again, the printer has outdone themselves with nice bold colors and sharp lines.

Musica Viva will be added to the Signalnoise Store once I receive the run, as well as a re-stock of the currently sold out posters.

Atari and Robot Rock will hopefully be added at a later time, as I need permission to sell posters displaying trademarked logos. Cross your fingers for me as I try to contact the proper channels.






8 responses to “New poster proofs”

  1. Frederik Avatar

    Will you add the robotrock poster on the store? I am a HUGE daft punk fan.

  2. james Avatar

    Hi Frederik. I have to seek permission from Daft Punk’s agency before adding the poster to my store, which I’m currently pursuing. Crossing my fingers that it will work out.

  3. Frederik Avatar

    Sweet keep (me) us posted.
    I’ve allready got a couple of friends who are intreseted.

    It’s allready itching to buy your work.
    Hurry ;)

  4. wayne Avatar

    put me down for all 3! great work.
    love the robot rock!

  5. Andy Beeching Avatar
    Andy Beeching

    Yep, I’ll bag all 3 as well :-) Fingers crossed with you for daft punk…

  6. james Avatar

    Thanks for the support guys! I’ll be sure to post if I hear any news.

  7. SPiKE Avatar

    I hope you get permission for the Robot Rock piece !

  8. core Avatar

    nice! i want Robot Rock!

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