Network by James White

Here is a new piece simply entitled Network. I spent a great deal of time researching the history of television broadcasting this past weekend, which led to me looking into things like the F.C.C. (Federal Communications Commission) and all of the rules, regulations and acts that surround what content makes it onto the airwaves and into our homes. It’s an interesting and somewhat dubious subject.

Relating to the topic, I started watching a few clips from the 1976 film Network, obviously where I took the name from. The message behind the film is powerful, bleak and very important when thinking about how media is the ultimate weapon in shaping the world. Howard Beale said it best:

“The only truth you know is what you get over this tube! Right now there is a whole, an entire generation that never knew anything that didn’t come out of this tube! This tube is the gospel, the ultimate revelation. This tube can make, or break presidents, popes, prime ministers. This tube is the most awesome goddamn force in the whole godless world, and woe is us if it ever falls into the hands of the wrong people.”

I even found this awesome German version of the Network movie poster:

German Network poster

My poster design reflects the typical viewers’ impression of broadcasting, the idealistic world where everything is okay. There’s some sarcasm at work here especially with the tagline I chose . . . “Everything you always wanted, brought to you.”

This is designed at 18 x 24 and will eventually land in the Signalnoise Store.






30 responses to “Network”

  1. Juanma Avatar

    NOW. I want it now. I’ll pay in advance!

  2. Ken Avatar

    Great job. Approximately how long did it take to create this?

  3. james Avatar

    Juanma, no worries, I’ll be sure to announce when it’s dropped into the online store :)

    Ken, I worked on this over the course of the weekend in two sittings. All accounted for, I probably spent about 10 hours on the design which includes my research and sketching.

  4. Joseph Cotten Avatar

    Beautiful creation, James. The commentary that’s behind it comes through with a nice bite. The tagline you added really brings it through without clouding the creative voice of the piece. It takes me to several places viscerally, like memories of old sci fi movies – specifically They Live! with Rowdy Roddy Piper, and Hitchcock’s Vertigo too. The fact that the image on the TV is in black/white is perfect.

    Superb, and museum-worthy.

  5. GlenJM Avatar

    Time and time again, you produce mesmerizing work. Consider your blog bookmark’d.

  6. Mbithi Masya Avatar

    Awesome work James, yet again!!
    And the write up is fantastic! Great work!The poster is just superb.

  7. Andrew Avatar

    James you have done it again. This is one of my favorite pieces you have done. I really look forward to making a purchase when it becomes available.


  8. Neil Martin Avatar

    You seem to use that font on a lot of your work. Is it your own custom font or is it publically available? It’s really nice, as is the poster itself.

  9. David Avatar

    Wow, great job as always James. I really love your work.

  10. james Avatar

    Joseph, thanks a lot for all the feedback. I really dig the two posters you referenced, I also had a bit of Star Trek: The Motion Picture influence in this one.

    Glen, thanks man!

    Neil, the typeface is a mix of Bookman Regular and Bookman Swash. The font is available for purchase over at Veer.

    Andrew, Mbithi and David, really appreciate the kind words, guys.

  11. Francois / Aoiro Avatar

    Hey James! This is a cool one! I really enjoyed watching and analyzing your work! The colors are always bright and the grungee effects always amazed me! Cheers!

    Btw, your MTV video was hilarious!

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