Network poster giveaway!

  1. looks awesome, still admire the smooth shading your work always has. do you work on these as 16 bit or 8 bit?

  2. Hi James, as I said in your flickr, AWESOME WORK dude, keep it going while I pray to win your poster!!! wooohoooooo!!!

  3. Oh yeah, canute, you wrote much.
    Well, I think, the best thing in this poster is that it’s beautifull while pretty simple. Good luck guys, I have no chances as always. Also I can do a poster by myself so… just good luck. It is a nice piece to decorate your space.

    P.S. I’m used to check and (especially it’s forum) but it’s in russian so it won’t be usefull for you as it is for me. You can find there many tuts translated into russian.

  4. Oh well, yesterday I thought about hanging up a nice poster on my wall and today I get the chance to win a really beautiful one… :)

    I’m more into photography, so I recommend one of my favorite artists, Michael Tarasov:
    Usually I’m just browsing around Flickr and deviantART for inspiration.

  5. Great work as always, James. When can we buy some Orbinauts toys?

    I recently discovered Design Porn which, in addition to the grinningly clever category names, serves up a wide range of inspiring new work.

  6. Awesome poster James. Two sites I check out have already been listed but here they are again: &

  7. I would be so excited if I won this. Your artwork is inspires me.

    As far as websites go … I like to follow – –


  8. Another good reference for design knowledge and inspiration would be Khoi Vinh’s site


  9. color defined by the beauty of shadow is given through the visual art of the once new television. The network defined is given a spectrum of majestic vibrance through the art of tablet pen to LCD. We now live where interlaced means old and square is the new new. Bring to life what is past the numb stare of the tube a find a new social breath in the channels of web.

    Your work is brilliant.

  10. grrr.. i think my last post is in the spamfilter

    my links are (Invite-based ImageBookmarking, similar to found)
    and (daily awesomeness)

    so… send me the poster! :)

  11. Sweet Poster! (dont remember how many f’s there are) (awesome!) (ofcourse)

  12. Beside my feed reader with about 150 design related feeds I find a lot of information on Awesome for that and spending time on the interwebs! :)

    Cheers from bonn,
    thx for the contest,

  13. Love Love Love It!

    Would love to have this!
    Thank you James for all your awesome.

    p.s. the debit card idea with the Protostar looks awesome! I still need to get a picture up to show you what it looks like, but it’s definitely rad.

  14. What a fantastic use of retro styling and colours, another instantly recognisable James White masterpiece!

    I love your work, you are my biggest inspiration and the very reason I started using Photoshop, I am now officially addicted to the digital arts and spend all my spare time experimenting and trying to find my OWN individual style

    Check out these:
    The rest you know all about as I follow you on them..
    Best wishes, Ive got everything crossed!

  15. Fantastic work yet again, the whole spectrum of colours work nicely together.

    I’ve been wondering around hundreds of blogs for quite sometime, one of the best and most inspirational blogs I’ve come across, that I would recommend anyone with a design instinct of visiting is:

  16. Man that is awesome! is amazing for all types of inspiration

    also is my other go to when looking for new ideas.

  17. Inspiring. The signalnoise signature of the colour spectrum is unmistakable.

    Great work James.

  18. been a fan of your work for a while now,

    and Network is such an awesome movie too

  19. Nice poster! I’d love to get one :)

    I usually check:

  20. I always turn to for inspiration, but I bet you already do too :)

  21. Your work is very pleasing to look at :]
    This site reminds me of how my design teacher would show us random images and art.
    Rob Chiu has always been one of my favorite motion artist to fallow.

  22. Of course, your work is awesome.
    If it wasn’t, we all wouldn’t be here lol.

    Some sites I visit are (though I still can’t get an invite anywhere…), (packaging design) and

  23. Wow, I can almost imagine the poster hanging on my room’s wall :P
    Always an inspiration Mr.James White..good job..!!

  24. Great poster, probably this is the one i like best, well, maybe “Musica viva” would be a competition for this title. Great work. Cheers

  25. The only posters I have at home are Signal Noise posters and my girlfriend has Dali prints.

    Nothing against Dali but your posters are way cooler.


  26. Yay great poster!
    I don’t know much about the kind of art you’re working at.
    My job is just drawing and planing buildings (second year of apprenticeship as a draftsman in construction engineering).

    Balls out

  27. awesome work.

    I did your computer arts tutorial, mine was not as cool.

    have a great day!

  28. Give me a J Give me a A Give me a M Give me a E Give me a S Give me a W Give me a H Give me a I Give me a T Give me a E – JAMES WHITE

  29. Checking out your website on a regular basis, but honestly have to admit I’m mostly too lazy to leave a comment. However I’m not this time, because it would totally kick ass to have a chance at getting such an awesome poster!

    Anyhow for the inspirational part, a few websites that keep my RSS reader updated besides yours (I know sounds kiss-ass doesn’t it?);

  30. The new poster is amazing. Check out Alex Grey on facebook……….a friend of a friend.

  31. Abduzeedo as all of you :P
    also Yay Everyday, Designious Times, Inspiredology.
    And that’s all

  32. can i say that “I’m mad as hell, and I’m not going to take it anymore!”? i remember watching the network for a college social sciences class….fun movie.

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