Network poster giveaway winner!

Network poster giveaway winner

I would like to pass on a huge thanks to everyone who entered the Network poster giveaway. There were 169 entries total, which resulted in a huge list of creative links to follow-up on. I really appreciate everyone who took the time to post a comment!

So, the random number generator spit out the number 3 which correspondes with the comment left by my man Kyle Steed.

Big congrats to you, Kyle! I will be firing your shiny new poster in the mail over the next few days.






5 responses to “Network poster giveaway winner!”

  1. Ray Avatar

    Congrats Kyle. Great give-away James. :)

  2. pzilla Avatar

    Kudus Kyle!

  3. Cerium Avatar

    Congrats Kyle!

  4. Justin Avatar

    Congrats Mr. Steed!

    And thanks again James for the contest opportunity!

  5. kyle steed Avatar

    so excited man. can’t wait to get the poster framed and hung up.

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