Neo-Noire: A Signalnoise Font

Neo-Noire: A Signalnoise Font

Neo-Noire: A Signalnoise Font

Neo-Noire: A Signalnoise Font

Neo-Noire: A Signalnoise Font

Neo-Noire: A Signalnoise Font

Neo-Noire font by James White

Here’s some very new territory for the Signalnoise Studio. Today I’m proud to release my very first font. I bit off more than I could chew with this sucker, but managed to push it through. Here it is… Neo-Noire.

I started using custom brush-80s lettering in my work around 3 years ago, and have constantly been getting the “What font is that?” question. Truth is, the font never existed at all. I would create the letters in Illustrator from scratch each time, or re-use letters I already made. So after some time, I decided to develop the font and bring it to you for use in your work.

Before we get to business, a few notes…

  1. I’m NOT a professional font-maker. This project is a labour of love so I’m sure you’ll find a few blips while using the font. So I ask you to please make use of the comments on this post to leave any feedback or recommendation on improvement. I will listen, and welcome your input.
  2. Included with purchase are the characters seen above. Uppercase and alternate stroke characters to mix it up. The alternates are simply the lowercase keys.
  3. If you open the glyphs, you’ll notice some nice plain brushstrokes in there. You can use these to add further diversity to my letters. Give it a shot. It’s fun.
  4. The ZIP file you purchase also includes an intact Photoshop file, where you can have a look at my layers effects to get the most out of Neo-Noire and add the retro sledgehammer to your work.
  5. I like to add a slight squeeze to the letters, then angle them like in the samples above. Just a tip.
  6. Please post your pieces that use my font, and hashtag them #NeoNoire so I can have a look!

So lets get to it! The font is available for purchase at a reasonable $30 Canadian. That gets you the TTF and the PSD. Head on over to the Signalnoise Store now to grab your goodies.

Next week I’ll be posting some tips and tricks on the blog to get even more cool use out of Neo-Noire. I want to help you all build a little toolkit around this little font, so watch for that. Fun stuff on the way.

And finally, thank-you SO MUCH for all of your enthusiasm surrounding Neo-Noire. You have been barking at me for months to get this beast finished, and I appreciate each email, note and tweet leading up to the release. Your excitement has kept me moving and I truly appreciate it.






11 responses to “Neo-Noire: A Signalnoise Font”

  1. Simon Birky Hartmann Avatar

    YES! It’s finally here!

  2. Bazman Avatar

    Totally Badass!! Buying this, will look good in a log for my tumblr blog. Bazooka Deathmatch. Keep up the stellar work James!

  3. Miles Elliott Avatar
    Miles Elliott


  4. Paul Anthony Webb Avatar

    Neat! I’ll pick it up next week, good work man.

  5. Digispa Avatar

    Awesome font! Love the detail in the tips. By the way, I think this font got used in the titles for the new David Guetta video, Dangerous. If it is your font, congrats man!

  6. Ben Howdle Avatar

    Hey man, excellent font. Got it live on my site (, works great.

  7. John Avatar

    What’s the license on this? Is it allowed to be used as a webfont? i.e. embedded into websites? Thanks

  8. Chris Avatar

    How’s the progress of the tips and tricks going? Font’s great BTW. Thanks

  9. Cody Avatar

    Great font! I do feel the price could be a little fairer considering it’s a digital good though, have purchased. Just a little honest feedback, no hate intended.

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