Nature by Numbers

A beautifully executed motion piece entitled ‘Nature by Numbers’ created by Cristobal Vila. Stunning visuals utilizing geometry, nature, Fibonacci, Golden Ratio, Delaunay, Voronoi, etc. Essentially, the natural forces that bind the material world together.

If this film wasn’t enough check out the theory behind this movie to dive further into the rabbit hole.






5 responses to “Nature by Numbers”

  1. Joe Clay Avatar

    I knew about a lot of the relationships in this, but it’s really amazing how they illustrated it so well. The transitions were perfect.

  2. renduh Avatar

    Wonderful video. I love approaching art and design from a maths and scientific angle and this illustrates that way of working perfectly. Plus, I only just noticed the link to further explanations so it’s even more exciting.
    Great post.

  3. Basu Avatar

    This is, without a doubt, one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen

  4. Rachel Avatar

    Really wonderful…thanks for sharing..

  5. jmoney Avatar

    A wonderful truth if one is willing to view the world as one entity.

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