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  1. Nice one!

    I wondered, why is this posts appearing as “My support for independent artists” in my feed? X)

  2. That’s an absolutely admirable collection. I am still developing mine now. Scott Hansen and Anderson’s are in there plus a few others. For the longest I have been trying to get Fairey’s artwork even before the Obama poster and everything good was always sold out. I expect it will be so much harder now.

  3. PKayne, yes I noticed his store stock has been pretty low recently. I assume he’s a pretty sought after designer, and his work might be even more scarce with the exposure he’s gotten recently. Good to see him rise to an almost household name :)

  4. God, all you had to do was ask me to make you something instead of alluding to it in this post.


  5. Loukas, so you noticed the ‘lack of Loukas’ artwork in there, huh? Am I going to have to pester you for another year, pal? :)

  6. it’s unfortunate that the iconic image of Soviet labour in Scott Hansen’s “Workers” shirt is taken wholesale from here:

    Shepard Fairey’s plagiarism is pretty well documented as well:

    sure, both make some nice looking stuff… it’s just sad that they’ve both received so much acclaim for biting others’ work.

  7. Hi James. Your work is beautiful and original. I came across this article, available at this address: which unmistakably shows how Shepard Fairey shamelessly traces other people’s artwork and calls it his own without giving credit. I know I can’t stand plagiarism in stand up comedy (Italian “comedian” Daniele Luttazzi is a big offender, having ripped off George Carlin and Bill Hicks many times) but I understand how spoofs and parodies might apply to street art. Obey Giant’s work, though, is very superficial. What if you found out the Queens Of The Stone Age is a rip-off too?

  8. Matty, thanks very much for the link! It was a very insightful read and urged me to finish my Shepard poster, I referenced the article with the post. Really appreciate the heads up :)

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