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  1. Nice one!

    I wondered, why is this posts appearing as “My support for independent artists” in my feed? X)

  2. That’s an absolutely admirable collection. I am still developing mine now. Scott Hansen and Anderson’s are in there plus a few others. For the longest I have been trying to get Fairey’s artwork even before the Obama poster and everything good was always sold out. I expect it will be so much harder now.

  3. PKayne, yes I noticed his store stock has been pretty low recently. I assume he’s a pretty sought after designer, and his work might be even more scarce with the exposure he’s gotten recently. Good to see him rise to an almost household name :)

  4. Loukas, so you noticed the ‘lack of Loukas’ artwork in there, huh? Am I going to have to pester you for another year, pal? :)

  5. it’s unfortunate that the iconic image of Soviet labour in Scott Hansen’s “Workers” shirt is taken wholesale from here:

    Shepard Fairey’s plagiarism is pretty well documented as well:

    sure, both make some nice looking stuff… it’s just sad that they’ve both received so much acclaim for biting others’ work.

  6. Hi James. Your work is beautiful and original. I came across this article, available at this address: which unmistakably shows how Shepard Fairey shamelessly traces other people’s artwork and calls it his own without giving credit. I know I can’t stand plagiarism in stand up comedy (Italian “comedian” Daniele Luttazzi is a big offender, having ripped off George Carlin and Bill Hicks many times) but I understand how spoofs and parodies might apply to street art. Obey Giant’s work, though, is very superficial. What if you found out the Queens Of The Stone Age is a rip-off too?

  7. Matty, thanks very much for the link! It was a very insightful read and urged me to finish my Shepard poster, I referenced the article with the post. Really appreciate the heads up :)

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