Munich: Bending shapes

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  1. Can I ask how you managed to bend your shapes as you describe? Sounds like a useful technique.

  2. That is kind of a bummer, mentioning how you did it but not revealing any details. How did you bend it? Is this vectors or bitmaps? Would be great to know your techniques…

  3. The combination of shapes were bent using Illustrator brushes, and tedious adjusting in Photoshop to get the curves to line up properly. It’s not an exact science at all and required a lot of nudging and re-sizing.

  4. Matt, I love Muller-Brockmann’s work, thanks for the link. My Munich piece was more about studying how to bend my shapes into different arrangements, but I can certainly see the same layout as Muller-Brockmann’s Akari poster. However, my Musica Viva piece is a direct inspiration of his work in both name and type treatment (even used his signature typeface, Akzidenz Grotesk).

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