Muhammad Ali poster

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  1. Man this is slick. I like how you incorporated halftone patterns in there.

    Also, I still think that your digital sketches might be stronger in terms of the intensity they have compared to the slick, clean vector shapes.

    I’d love to see you create a

  2. Thanks man. I see your preference and here’s where I stand.

    I start almost every poster in the sketchbook developing what the concept might be in thumbnail form. I then move into Photoshop and scribble up the digital composition to study colour, form and type. After I nail it down I need to make a decision… do I move to vector or continue with the digital paints? That decision is key and involves 2 considerations: style compliment and final print output. The 2 styles are quite different and I need to make sure the final compliments what or who I’m designing.

    As for printing, if the final will be screen-printed I need it to be vector. I just work easier in that format with trapping, colour selection or whatever. If the final will definitely be digitally printed, then I can go hog-wild in Photoshop with the paints.

    I’ve done several pieces that were 100% Photoshop paints. All my Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon stuff, my DRIVE poster and the FIRST BLOOD poster were all created in Photoshop.

  3. I stumbled upon this looking for other Ali related imagery, and i think this is the best i have seen in a very long time just searching the web regarding Ali. Only to see that considered working with us and somehow the deal went south. Contact me so we can talk, not sure who you had talked too but i beleive your art has MAE licensing potential.

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