MTV Engine Room submission

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  1. Ahah, well done James, it was hilarious. Man, i’ve submitted my presentation as well, i’m so damn serious and boring after watching yours!

  2. Great video James! You’re one of my favorite artists and you seem like a pretty cool dude as well. I really hope you get it! But beware, I have a submission as well ;-)

    Also, is that your new logo? Have you abandoned the winged skull?

  3. Thanks a lot, guys!

    Simone, great hearing from you, man! Really glad to hear you entered the competition as well, your art is absolutely killer. Did you upload your video anywhere online?

    Grant, thanks and good eye on the logo. I started using the alternative logo lately and will make a post about it’s story very soon.

  4. Hey
    That was awsome. Ang just sent it to me! Hope you win.

    Michelle Freeman (Totten)

  5. Hey Michelle! It’s been a long time, thanks a lot for the note and encouragement :) Hope all is well with you out west.

  6. Nice. Love the metal bit. I didn’t go this far, but I did submit some of my digital artwork. I think you would be perfect for the show. Love your work.

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