MTV Engine Room submission

MTV Engine Room submission

I decided to enter the MTV Engine Room competition after reading about it over at Abduzeedo about a month ago. I’m not usually one to enter online competitions, but this one caught my attention after I read the part about submitting a video to introduce yourself. I have no video or editing experience, I’ve never written anything to be shot, nor do I even own a camera capable of shooting video. I was up for the challenge and I have always wanted to experiment with motion, so off I went to piece something together.

And after a lot of goofing around with friends, here is my submission to the MTV Engine Room competition. Beware, this is full of low-fi nerdiness :)

My friends are the most supportive/hilarious people I know and I leap at any opportunity to work with them. This video should be a testiment to that. Special thanks to Chris Toms for co-starring and lending his camera to shoot everything, Ian “Jerko” Cann for rocking out, Ben Jeddrie for lending me his hotdog man, Joel Lelièvre and Jonny Mitchell for helping me out with the editing and technical side of things.

Now the crazy part…

Last Saturday I was about 30 minutes away from completing the editing and sending the video off to MTV when the unthinkable happened: a virus seemed to appear out of thin air and crippled my poor home computer. I’m extremely careful with my machine and try to keep it as maintained as I can, but this bug managed to get by all of my safeguards. So, one external hard drive purchase later I managed to get everything to my office where I completed the work just under the deadline.

My computer is a champ putting up with all of the crazy processor-heavy stuff I inflict on it, but the poor guy is still down as a result of this bug. As a result, I might be slightly delayed in returning emails and other correspondence as I work on getting my system live again.






8 responses to “MTV Engine Room submission”

  1. Benajmin Reece Avatar

    Thanks for sharing- I love your art work man!

    I wish you would have blogged about this sooner :) I would have loved to submit something.

  2. Simone Magurno Avatar

    Ahah, well done James, it was hilarious. Man, i’ve submitted my presentation as well, i’m so damn serious and boring after watching yours!

  3. Grant Friedman Avatar

    Great video James! You’re one of my favorite artists and you seem like a pretty cool dude as well. I really hope you get it! But beware, I have a submission as well ;-)

    Also, is that your new logo? Have you abandoned the winged skull?

  4. james Avatar

    Thanks a lot, guys!

    Simone, great hearing from you, man! Really glad to hear you entered the competition as well, your art is absolutely killer. Did you upload your video anywhere online?

    Grant, thanks and good eye on the logo. I started using the alternative logo lately and will make a post about it’s story very soon.

  5. Michelle (Ang's friend from years back) Avatar
    Michelle (Ang’s friend from years back)

    That was awsome. Ang just sent it to me! Hope you win.

    Michelle Freeman (Totten)

  6. james Avatar

    Hey Michelle! It’s been a long time, thanks a lot for the note and encouragement :) Hope all is well with you out west.

  7. Joel Marsh Avatar

    I love low-fi nerdiness. It’s the only way to fi.

  8. Kyle Steed Avatar

    Nice. Love the metal bit. I didn’t go this far, but I did submit some of my digital artwork. I think you would be perfect for the show. Love your work.

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