Movie posters by We Buy Your Kids

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  1. Their posters are pretty strange!! But that I guess is what makes them desirable.. Im still undecided as to whether I like them or not.. Some I love (Star Trek and Poltergeist) where as some I dont really… I think I like their ‘cleaner & weird’ posters rather than the ‘messy & weird’ posters … If that makes sense!!! Nevertheless, they can pick colours amazingly!!

  2. Absolutely love the work from WBYK. I had only seen a thing here and there online from them over the years but never really knew much about em. Glad to see they’re getting a big welcome here in the American poster & design scene, it’s well deserved (how great is that The Thing poster?? SO COOL). Totally agree with the Jaw Shaw comparison, he’s actually one of my new favs. Though they’re completely different from each other as far as style you hit the nail on the head: they’re completely different from most anything that’s been out lately. Both are using graphic styles that have roots in 60s-70s poster design but done in a fresh way. Can’t wait to see more from this Aussie duo in the future.

  3. I really like their work but i find myself asking whether these work as film posters and i’m afraid that i don’t think most of them do. Perhaps as book covers. The ones that do work for me as film posters on some level is the ‘The Thing’ poster, ‘Deep Red’ and Psycho. The reason i like these ones is i think they have captured some of the ‘mood’ or film concepts where as the others just…well…don’t.
    I feel some of the posters are too abstract to work, especially the ‘Conan’ and ‘Nightmare on Elm Street’ posters…though it works for the other ones i mentioned.
    But, then again, maybe i’m just too attached to these films and they have clouded my judgement.

  4. Agreed. Such a fresh style. I’ve never bought anything from Mondo until yesterday. I had to pick up their ‘V for Vendetta’ print.

  5. These are epic! great styles.
    Interesting comment on them not working as movie posters. Never thought of remaking movie posters as a means of readvertising the film? More as a form of artistic awesomeness :)

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