Movie Poster Monday 4: THE WARRIORS

Film on Paper presents … the movie poster for THE WARRIORS.

Director: Walter Hill
Genre(s) of Film: Action | Crime | Adventure
Origin of Poster: USA
Year of Poster: 1979
Designer: Unknown
Artist: David Jarvis

Signalnoise in association with Film on Paper brings you Movie Poster Monday. We will be showcasing a movie poster to start every week, so be sure to check out future posts for some great art from cinema’s past.






6 responses to “Movie Poster Monday 4: THE WARRIORS”

  1. Matt Reid Avatar
    Matt Reid

    Hey Jim, Have you seen Tyler Stout’s illustration work? I discovered him through a Warriors poster he did. Just did a search and found a double poster of his I hadn’t seen until today:

  2. SP3KTR Avatar

    The best part of this poster is finding out the names of all the gangs represented on it. It’s a “where’s waldo?” for the VHS generation.

  3. Tom Muller Avatar

    “I’ll shove that bat up your ass and turn you into a popsicle”—Ajax.

  4. Fill Avatar

    Ca-a-a-an yo-o-o-u d-i-i-i-i-g it??? Best movie ever

  5. Jason Avatar

    I was only introduced to this film once the game had been made but soon picked up a copy of it on DVD and loved it. It’s been an idea for a while to dress up as one of the Baseball Furies for Halloween.

  6. Boris Muller Avatar

    I have a laminated version of this and it is SO SWEET.

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