Movie Poster Monday 10: THE SEARCH FOR SPOCK

Film on Paper presents … the movie poster for STAR TREK III: THE SEARCH FOR SPOCK.

Director: Leonard Nimoy
Genre(s) of Film: Sci-Fi
Origin of Poster: International
Year of Poster: 1984
Designer: Unknown
Artist: Bob Peak

Signalnoise in association with Film on Paper brings you Movie Poster Monday. We will be showcasing a movie poster to start every week, so be sure to check out future posts for some great art from cinema’s past.






8 responses to “Movie Poster Monday 10: THE SEARCH FOR SPOCK”

  1. pablo Avatar

    Cool, nice use of Serif Gothic and great colors. like it ;)

  2. James Compton Boyce Avatar

    Hate how the great old Star Trek posters had the knack of hyping one up for what was a series of mediocre films!

  3. Kris Avatar

    So.. did you recreate this? I am confused! I have seen your Drive poster etc. (awesomeness), but am just not sure if you are recreating these posters in your own image? :-)

    Thanks either way!

  4. Kris Avatar

    BTW nothing is more frightening that having a Klingon Battlecruiser shoot rainbows at you. :-) Love the poster though.

  5. Christopher King Avatar

    Classic Bob Peak illustration. One of the best Trek movies too in my opinion.

  6. Tobia Crivellari Avatar

    ..great poster!..i love posters!..

  7. Dave Avatar

    I remember this graphic well. However, my memory of the VHS box art tells me there’s more to the artwork than what is featured on this poster… isn’t there?

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