Movie poster for GAME

Here is the poster for GAME, an independent film being shot by my good friend Josh MacDonald right here in Dartmouth. I was intrigued by Josh’s project right from the start and was sold when I read the script. Excellent story with an excellent execution. Can’t wait to see this film for real.

This also gave me the opportunity to stretch my horror wings and create a poster on the darker end of the spectrum. Being an avid horror fan (mostly of the 70s and 80s era) I’ve been wanting to do something like this for quite some time, so I was excited when this project dropped on me. Loads of fun, and I had a great time looking through old posters for inspiration. I also knew early on that I wanted to combine 2 visuals into 1, the lady and the forest scene. Here are a couple of progress shots as I worked out the composition:

I’m sure you’ll be seeing more about GAME as news becomes available, but until then, why not check out the trailer to Josh’s other movie, The Corridor which is currently being shown at film fests all over the place.






14 responses to “Movie poster for GAME”

  1. Simon H. Avatar

    Nice one sir.

  2. BigVince Avatar

    Great work Mr. White. Brilliant use of lighting.

  3. Geoff May Avatar

    I like the image a lot but I think the typography needs some work.

  4. Tiffany Avatar

    Great design, but I also agree that the typography does not really give the “horror” feel to it.

  5. Sebastian Avatar

    I love this, but, the typography it’s not the best part of it, I think needs a bit more of work, just for my taste.

  6. Luke Desroches Avatar

    I like how the trees and branches act as the lady’s hair. Very cool.

  7. james Avatar

    Thanks for the comments, everyone. The type treatment is a direct reference to another horror movie. Anyone catch it?

  8. Dave Avatar

    Not a fan of the horror genre in general (give me SciFi anyday), but this is nicely done. I agree that the typography doesn’t seem quite “finished,” but the vector detailing in the rest is tastefully done (plenty of detail without going too far… a hard line to keep from crossing).

  9. ricardo machado Avatar

    Well done! This is a teaser poster? The type is a reference maybe from Escape from ny?…

  10. Malarkyd Avatar

    Nice poster Mr.White. Not sure the content of the film but if it’s true horror, this may look a little to ‘cartoony’ for me. Only my opinion.

  11. Tom Wong Avatar

    Hi, I think the graphics are quite good, but I think it’s quite creepy!

  12. ricardo machado Avatar

    ah! “the shining” reference! am i right?

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