More stuff for Kevin Smith

Here are a couple more things I worked on recently for Kevin Smith, which you might have seen at the merch table if you saw Kevin live during his UK/Ireland tour. Here we have the UK/Ireland tour poster as well as a t-shirt designed for Jason Mewes featuring his favorite saying, Half Half Whole.

Kevin and his team are always a pleasure to work with. Real nice people, enthusiastic about their shows and always positive feedback when I send them designs. Absolute dream client. I never get the impression I’m working for them, rather working along side them. That goes a long way, man.

I even had the pleasure of meeting Kevin and Scott Mosier when they were in Halifax a couple of weeks ago. Super nice guys, really love what they do. They invited me to hang out and watch the show from backstage. Amazing time.

If you get the chance to see Kevin and his friends speak live in your city, I highly recommend it.






6 responses to “More stuff for Kevin Smith”

  1. Rob Imbs Avatar

    HAHAHhahahha, love the HALF, HALF, WHOLE shirt!

    …and that tour poster is amazing.

  2. Mike Minto Avatar
    Mike Minto

    How can I order jay shirt.

  3. william betts Avatar
    william betts

    How do i get a half half whole shirt?

  4. Roxy Avatar

    someone pleeease help!! where can i buy a “half half whole” shirt? ive looked all over and cant find!! :)

  5. LEif Avatar

    Where can i buy the half half whole shirt ?? ?

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