NASA mission patches: Hubble and James Webb

Here are my newest unofficial NASA mission patches, this time in support of the Hubble Space Telescope and the James Webb Space Telescope, a couple of the most important pieces of exploration equipment built. This brings my total number of mission patches to 4, seen above.

Everyone knows what Hubble is and what it has done in providing us with the best visualizations of distant nebulas and galaxies never before seen at this quality. The James Webb Space Telescope is said to be the “Hubble for the next generation”, due to launch in 2018, but is unfortunately fallen on hard times do to a massive budget slash. A very sad and important story, but you can find out how you can help right here.

Space is the place, man. So much we still don’t understand. Expect more of these mission patches soon.






11 responses to “NASA mission patches: Hubble and James Webb”

  1. Paul Anthony Webb Avatar

    I so wish I could buy these in the forms of patches / stickers / whatever. Please make this happen, I love space!

  2. Duran Avatar

    I’d buy all of these if they were on a really nice set of Vinyl stickers that were good enough for the back of my laptop, or even bumper stickers!

  3. waggit Avatar

    These are awesome! So simple but brilliantly executed! Well done James

  4. Chris Toms Avatar

    Hey James, space is the place, but just as equally important is our oceans. We have apparently explored more of space than our own oceans. Anyway, great work, love the designs.

    Maybe you might be able to sneak in some Canadian space technology like the Canadarm ( ). :)

  5. Stephen G. Petrany Avatar

    Not sure if it was intentional, but I like the ‘eye’ in the Hubble patch—like it is ‘watching’ the universe.

  6. Paul Pants Avatar

    James, you really stepped it up a notch with these two…absolutely fantastic. I hope you make a sticker pack out of the whole set.

  7. Brian Avatar

    These are pretty slick man. Love ’em. I’d like to second the “please turn these into vinyl stickers” comment. Cool stuff, keep it up!

  8. Emily C. Avatar

    These are brilliant! Some special requests: I know they’re *vintage* missions, but Voyager should have some amazing patches :)

  9. Dave Behm Avatar

    Great stuff James! Your work keeps getting better and better!
    Hubble one is my fav!

  10. DarkoDesign Avatar

    These are really awesome James. You have to make them into stickers

  11. Nick Evans Avatar

    Awesome work! Hubble version is tight!

    Just watched the IMAX Hubble story….AWESOME!

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