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Mark Weaver

Mark Weaver

I’ve been a fan of Mark Weaver’s work for some time now, and did a post about his work a little while back. Since then, Mark has been outputting some beautiful stuff and I thought a second post was in order.

Beautiful palettes, excellent blend of photo, type and design. Love the typefaces used here, I think I spot Futura, Trade Gothic . . . maybe Akzidenz Grotesk?

Check out more of Mark’s portfolio on his Flickr stream, or his official site.






5 responses to “More from Mark Weaver”

  1. Dan Avatar

    Whoa, that first one is awesome. The green tinge to the sky, the mountain that looks like a model, and the wireframe globe give me a Sean Connery era James Bond impression.

  2. Bashar Alaeddin Avatar

    wow.. these are beautiful!

  3. Michael Hansen Avatar

    Weaver evokes a really unique mood, I love it!

  4. eric Avatar

    everybody loves weaver.

    and for good reason.

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