Moon starring Sam Rockwell

Moon starring Sam Rockwell

Moon starring Sam Rockwell

Moon starring Sam Rockwell

Moon starring Sam Rockwell

Moon starring Sam Rockwell

Moon starring Sam Rockwell

Moon starring Sam Rockwell

Moon starring Sam Rockwell

Here are some screen shots and poster from the film Moon starring Sam Rockwell that came out last year. I had seen the poster kicking around Ffffound for the past few months but my trip to New York finally afforded me some airplane time to watch a movie. Moon was it.

Not only did I enjoy the story very much, but the conceptual design for costumes, props and sets was extremely well done. I’m a big fan of what Kubrick did with 2001, and Moon is certainly a sci-fi film aimed directly at the same style and pacing. The computer interface and signage designs on the moon base show some wonderful typography and basic shapes. The props are very utilitarian and rugged, very practical for the environment the film takes place in.

Plus, Sam Rockwell is awesome. If you haven’t seen Moon yet, I’d recommend having a look.






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  1. Kevin Gilmour Avatar

    I have to say I loved Moon too James, but I was put off watching it until a friend (who knew someone who worked on it) gave me the Blu-Ray and pretty much forced me to!

    While I really like the poster I think it put me off seeing it, because it made me think it was something to do with the Apollo Moon landing, possibly the slightly 60’s styling. It made me at least feel it was a movie set in the past rather than the not too distant future. It’s a strange case of a nice poster not working – in my opinion anyway. It sold me a movie I didn’t care too much to see, but the actual movie itself was totally different; one I would have went to the cinema to see.

    I’m working on a poster for a Sci-Fi/Action film myself and it has really made think more about the image you project with the design you use.

    Or did I just read the imagery wrong, ha ha!?

  2. SamG Avatar

    Slow to the party James this is indeed a great film I loved the film and the poster (was it done by Simon C Page – looks his style?). Belated Happy Birthday.

  3. Marko Dugonjić Avatar

    The movie can be watched at so many levels. Reminds me to Clarke’s Space Odyssey.

  4. J. Roveda Jr. Avatar
    J. Roveda Jr.

    Isn’t that movie directed by David Bowie’s son?

  5. Tim Jones Avatar

    Totally agree man I watched it when it came out and loved it. Also one of my favorite movie posters to date. Gotta get my hands on one.

  6. Joshua Schaible Avatar

    I need to see this movie. I’ve heard so many good things. Love that poster too.

  7. Joshua Love Avatar

    Just saw this a couple weeks ago for the first time, and loved it. I was glad to have not found out anything about the story beforehand.

    The design in it is great, and yes, very reminiscent of 2001. Not only is the design within the film excellent, but I have enjoyed the current trend of integrated credits (don’t know the technical term is) in this film as well as others, where the credits are superimposed in such a way to give them weight and make them part of the actual environment of opening scenes.

  8. Alan Cohen Avatar
    Alan Cohen

    Watch this tonight, great film – interestingly the outdoor moon scenes were shot using actual models, like in the old days, taking just 8 days and the whole film was made on $5m budget – awesome work and shows what can be done!

    Also love the poster too was it Simon C Page’s handy work?

  9. Mbithi Avatar

    I loved this movie. It was simply, beautiful. I totally agree with everyone, the design in the movie was fantastic. But I also was taken back by how simple and perfect the music in the movie was as well. A very understated soundtrack that worked really well.

  10. Ron Avatar

    Great film, I saw it a couple months ago and it was one of my favorites from 2009.
    Low budget, but lots of great old school tricks to get the effects they wanted.
    Directed by David Bowie’s son!

  11. Chris Avatar

    Moon was pretty good. My mate is still convinced that Sam went mad and the rest was in his head. I believe the more litteral interpretation.

    Either way gets the thumbs up from me.

    If you are a Moon or 2001 fan and want to try some manga, check out Planetes and 2001 Nights. The anime version of Planetes has filler in it so comes off as sitcom rather than serious Sci-Fi.

  12. Ena Avatar

    I thought Moon was a really interesting and disturbing movie.The imagery seemed so real to me. I am surprised that the outdoor moon scenes were made with models. They did an amazing job with the styling of the entire movie.

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