Montreal Meets live, tonight!

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  1. Hi James!

    The presentations were amazing!
    I learned a lot tonight.
    It was definitely worth it.
    If you ever do other events like this, please stream them like you did!


  2. Wow! Tonight I met two of the graphic designer I most admire!

    James and I grew up loving and watching the same thing.
    He’s a very funny and talented guy passionate about Graphic Design. It was such a pleasure of hear you and then meet you.

    Truly inspirational!

    Thank you!


  3. hey james, sorry to interrupt this post but have you seen this ad ? it popped up on the side of my facebook window and i knew it was yours right away. hope they aren’t trying to pull one over on you ! best of luck

  4. What a great presentation! You are both really fun speakers to listen to. I hope there will be a recorded version we can re-watch!

  5. I didn’t have the time to watch it because it was so late :-(

    Will there be a downloadable version of this stream or something like this?

  6. Montreal is the biggest presentation..I loving and watching this broadcast ..Thank you!!:D

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