Montreal Meets live, tonight!

The big day is here. Later on today Francois Hoang, Fabio Sasso and myself will be taking stage at Concordia University for the Montreal Meets event. Francois has been busy getting everything organized and being a fantastic host to Fabio and I while in town, and today it’s time to rock and roll.

In case you need the last minute information, here is a list of all the important stuff for this evening’s festivities as posted on the Montreal Meets website.

The Schedule

18h15 EST – Montreal Meets Presentation
18h30 EST – Signalnoise Presentation
19h30 EST – Abduzeedo Presentation
20h45 EST – Q & A Session

Attendance information

1515 Ste-Catherine West in the EV Building, in the room EV 1-605 at 18h00. For those coming to the event, please arrive about 15 minutes in advance to take your place. Please note that the reserved seats will be seated first and the rest will have to stand.

For the e-ticket, just give your email to the people at the front and this will be your confirmation for your entry to the event. If your email is not confirmed, that means you will to wait for the reserved seats to be seated first and then you’ll be able to come in. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Live broadcast

If you are unable to attend the event in person, you can tune in live via a Ustream broadcast. Things were made really easy, you can click over to the Signalnoise Broadcast page and tune in to watch the presentations. The chat may be deactivated during the broadcast to allow better bandwidth, we’ll see how it goes.


I’m sure there will be plenty of posts on Twitter before, during and after the event. If you want to keep up on the action watch for the hashtag #MontrealMeets and follow @Montreal_Meets, @AoiroStudio, @Abduzeedo and myself, @Signalnoise.







14 responses to “Montreal Meets live, tonight!”

  1. PatrikTG Avatar

    That means that we in Europe got to stay up late. (0015 to 0245)

  2. inveniodesign Avatar

    right patrick! but it’s a pleasure!!

  3. Sergei Tatarinov Avatar

    Hey James, Russia is staying up all night tonight to witness this awesomeness! Drinking redbull to stay alive until the show kicks off at 02:15!

  4. Elias Avatar

    will it be recorded?? if so where will it be posted?? i cant make it to the live broadcast : <

  5. Martin Staněk Avatar

    Uuu… 0:30… Looking forward to your presentation!

  6. Ana Avatar

    Just watched the live broadcast. Great job you guys. Nice Q&A also.

  7. Stamga Avatar

    Hi James!

    The presentations were amazing!
    I learned a lot tonight.
    It was definitely worth it.
    If you ever do other events like this, please stream them like you did!


  8. Kim Avatar

    Wow! Tonight I met two of the graphic designer I most admire!

    James and I grew up loving and watching the same thing.
    He’s a very funny and talented guy passionate about Graphic Design. It was such a pleasure of hear you and then meet you.

    Truly inspirational!

    Thank you!


  9. Phillip Jacowski Avatar
    Phillip Jacowski

    hey james, sorry to interrupt this post but have you seen this ad ? it popped up on the side of my facebook window and i knew it was yours right away. hope they aren’t trying to pull one over on you ! best of luck

  10. Sakuraness Avatar

    What a great presentation! You are both really fun speakers to listen to. I hope there will be a recorded version we can re-watch!

  11. Jason Avatar

    James, the presentations went perfectly. What a great insight into your work and work ethic!


  12. Cmyll Avatar

    It was really great!! The broadcast and chat were nice! Even I had almost no sleep! :D Looking forward for more! :)

  13. Michael Avatar

    I didn’t have the time to watch it because it was so late :-(

    Will there be a downloadable version of this stream or something like this?

  14. cutiepink Avatar

    Montreal is the biggest presentation..I loving and watching this broadcast ..Thank you!!:D

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