Montreal Meets: Recorded versions and photos

Fabio Sasso, Francois Hoang and myself
Here I am getting into my presentation.
Fabio kicking-off his talk.
Mingling with a crowd of nice folks after the presentations.
Good pals Colin Oakes and Mat Macquarrie, the Stream Team.
Fabio and I did a lot of laughing the entire trip.

I just returned to Halifax from my big trip to the Montreal Meets event, which took place last night. It was an awesome time, Francois did a fantastic job of organizing everything, setting things up with the kind folks at Concordia University and enlisting the help of many amazing volunteers to help out.

It’s safe to say the event was a huge success and the continuing positive feedback has been overwhelming. We had a packed auditorium at Concordia as well as a packed online viewership as people from all over the world watched the presentations and QA period. Big thanks to each and every one of you for making this rare event so enjoyable.

This will be the first of a few posts as photos and materials filter in from the event, but you can watch the recorded versions of Montreal Meets above. We were unfortunately without a working mic system, so please crank your volume to hear everything (or use headphones). And big thanks to Juan Madrigal for the photos used in this post!







15 responses to “Montreal Meets: Recorded versions and photos”

  1. dcalonaci Avatar

    You were great! Loved every second of the streaming!
    Thank you all for all this inspiration!

  2. Lukas Salomon Avatar
    Lukas Salomon

    Awesome thing, mate! It’s just a little bit bad you hardly can hear anything. How many people where there?

  3. james Avatar

    Thanks Dcalonaci!

    Lukas, yeah the mic set-up failed us right before starting so the laptop was the only thing picking us up. Try cranking your volume or listen on headphones.

  4. Colin Oakes Avatar

    Thanks for everything James. The Meet was awesome and it was great we all got to chill after the show.

    Did you get much sleep?

  5. Sergei Tatarinov Avatar

    That was an amazing night! So much new interesting stuff about both of you, some decent advice, and a lot of fun moments – all that was a huge pleasure to watch. Too bad the mic was not working and I couldn’t hear some parts, but that’s a nit-pick. Thanks for letting us, who couldn’t make it to Montreal, see it anyway.

    PS: Fabio has exactly the same face on every picture :-D

  6. Beckii Avatar

    Hey James! Just wanted to thank you again for coming out for Montreal Meets yesterday :) It was great to meet you, and you inspired me beyond words could describe!

  7. Kirill Avatar

    Just wanted to say thank you guys for coming over to Montreal/Concordia! The evening was very inspirational :)

  8. David Avatar

    That was an awesome time, very inspiring. Would love to see another one! Anyway thanks for the three of you doing it, I loved every second of it!

  9. Janne Heinonen Avatar

    Thanks James for a great presentation! It was inspiring and educational. It was nice to hear the story how you became an artist and what things inspired you. Great stuff!

  10. Daniele Avatar

    really interesting and fun!

  11. PJ Avatar

    I was up till 3.30 am but it was totally worth it :)

  12. David Avatar

    Thanks so much for coming!

  13. Manuel Avatar

    Thanks for making the event awesome, even though I couldn’t make it live. And thanks for responding to the SMS question.

  14. Luis London Avatar

    Both presentations were very interesting, I am very happy to learn more about Fabio and James and how they do their amazing work.

    I believe that we as graphic designers should share experiences and ways to do things, to improve our skills. As James and Fabio do.

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