Montreal Meets: MMTWO poster

For the second year in a row I will be speaking at Montreal Meets, this time at the Conservatoire de Musique de Montreal on April 7-8. I had a great time last year, and organizer Francois Hoang upped the stakes with an all-star roster this year including Shelby White, Radim Malinic, Fabio Sasso and Rik Oostenbroek.

And also for the second year in a row, Signalnoise is supporting the event by providing an original poster. I actually started this one months ago but never had the opportunity/reason to complete it until now. I was late getting this one over to Francois but he’s a patient guy when it comes to my antics. I’m not sure what his plan is for this design, but you will probably see copies floating around the event when it kicks off.

Funny influence in this design. You old-schoolers might have spotted it already:

So, be sure to check out the Montreal Meets website for all the details, and follow on Twitter. I’ll see you real REAL soon Montreal!







8 responses to “Montreal Meets: MMTWO poster”

  1. Dave (Spaceman Design) Avatar

    That jingle STILL runs through my head from time to time. It must have been featured in multiple Sesame Street episodes in the 80s.

    I dig the poster and can’t wait to see how it gets used at MMTWO. Only nine more days!

  2. Dave (Spaceman Design) Avatar

    I just noticed Scott Hansen isn’t in the list of guests on your poster…

  3. Rod Avatar

    I misread “jingle” for “Jungle” and the second I got the end of that sentence, I started to hear “paint it black” in my mind and then at Sesame Street I was knee deep in the ‘Nam.
    umm, I just thought I would share.

  4. Matthew Avatar

    On a scale from 1 to 10, I’d give it a 12.

  5. pp Avatar

    this would have been a 12 for me too, if it wasn;t for the fleur de lys…..6.5

  6. Paul Pants Avatar

    Instant favorite. I’m gonna be fighting for one of these in Montreal.

  7. Dave (Spaceman Design) Avatar

    @Paul Pants – It’s the truth. I hope he brings enough… things could get ugly!

  8. Rob Imbs Avatar

    This poster is phenomenal!

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