Montreal Meets: Contest giveaway

Good news for all you kids who were unable to attend the Montreal Meets event last month. Francois Hoang, the founder and organizer of the event, is giving away a couple of posters designed by Fabio Sasso and myself and a Montreal Meets t-shirt all of which were created for the event itself. Limited runs of all these bad boys, so don’t miss out on a chance to own this gear.

Entering is easy. Simply leave a comment on this post to enter here, then swing over to this post and leave a comment to enter on the Montreal Meets site. The contest ends on February 25th. Move, move!

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108 responses to “Montreal Meets: Contest giveaway”

  1. DarkoDesign Avatar

    Thanks for the opportunity to win these great prizes. Rock on!

  2. Asm hezbullah Avatar
    Asm hezbullah

    Signalnosie all dayy

  3. Terence Rosoman Avatar

    I want stash!!! haha

  4. Vladislav Avatar

    Awesome! Would so love to have any sort of memory of this amazing event with two amazing designers.

    Looking forward to another MM!

  5. Dan Avatar

    The answer is 42!

  6. Ivo Oliveira Avatar

    Crossing my fingers!

  7. Courtney Avatar


  8. Sarah Avatar

    I am moving soon to a new house :-) I will love to have one of the posters !!
    Pleaaaaassseee !!!
    Thanks for creating this promo ! :-)

  9. Sergei Tatarinov Avatar

    As I mentioned before, during SNBC, your MM poster has instantly become my favorite poster of yours, I like it even more than ‘Network’. I’d really want this to be my first time winning some of your stuff. :)

  10. Marek Avatar

    Here i go!

  11. ID_Johnathan Avatar

    Great looking stuff. Thanks for the continued inspiration.

  12. Jason Avatar

    Brilliant designs, would be amazing to receive any of these items!

  13. solemone Avatar

    I have space on my wall. :)

  14. George Lazaris Avatar

    I helped out at this years Montreal Meets and it was a great event! Very well done!

  15. Cristian Iancu Avatar

    Signalnoise, baby!

  16. Patrick Suin Avatar

    All these look fantastic. I’d love to rock that shirt.

  17. Greg Dubois Avatar

    Hope to win the awesome swag!

  18. Jelle Avatar

    Nice giveaway James! :)

  19. Terra Avatar

    Fingers crossed!

  20. Devin Frymire Avatar

    I want Signalnoise Swag!!

  21. MCDX Avatar

    This time maybe :D

  22. David Irlanda Avatar

    Awesome…would love to win.

  23. JTvete Avatar

    Great work. Would love to have it on my wall.

  24. kaiiro Avatar

    Really cool designs !!

  25. Martin Avatar

    Entered! :D

  26. ewynn Avatar


  27. Jake Williams Avatar

    Rad! Thanks for the opportunity!

  28. Lee Hung Nguyen Avatar

    Fantastic James. Always sharing the love :).

  29. Aaron Avatar

    You all should do a regional US tour!

  30. Mike Puglielli Avatar
    Mike Puglielli

    What’s up. Entered. Cool works.

  31. Cheboboh Avatar

    I hope i win!

    These posters are so beautifull! They would look great in my new design studio ;)

  32. Jose Avatar


  33. Jose Avatar

    Wooo! :D

  34. DavidCom Avatar

    fingers crossed to win some awesomeness!! :)

  35. Bryan Avatar

    Awesome stuff. Hope to win

  36. S.Honderdos Avatar

    Im in :)

  37. Kloud Stryfe Avatar
    Kloud Stryfe

    I wanna win! I wanna win! I wanna win!

  38. Simon D Avatar
    Simon D

    I’m in too!

  39. Paul Alexander Avatar
    Paul Alexander

    Awesome, awesome stuff!

  40. VolumeDean Avatar

    I watched the recorded version of it and thought it was great!! Hope to see more of Montreal Meets in the future!

  41. Choi_Kibum Avatar

    Awesome I’m in too!

  42. Michael Avatar

    Great stuff! The posters would perfectly fill the empty space on my room’s wall! :)

  43. Dave Behm Avatar

    Cool contest!! FANtastic!!

  44. Andypandy Avatar

    Fingers crossed, cos I would seriously like those bad boys :P

  45. Derek Brown Avatar

    Great idea on having this giveaway! It would be extremely amazing it I were to win. :D
    I love these posters!

  46. beekay Avatar

    Me would love some posters. ^_^;

  47. Pedro Ivo Avatar
    Pedro Ivo

    its on! (:

  48. Nicole Avatar

    Woooooow I would love to win one! =D

  49. annika Avatar

    such lovely posters!

  50. anthony Avatar

    wow what nice posters and t-shirt. must have been a great event.

  51. Roman Telford Avatar
    Roman Telford

    Awesome work!

  52. Gordon Avatar

    these are badass, love the color scheme.

  53. Alex Avatar

    These posters look awesome. I want!

  54. Ben Drake Avatar
    Ben Drake

    I would enjoy a nice poster

  55. Melissa Avatar

    Awesome giveaway.

  56. Pascal Avatar

    This stuff would look great here in Germany =)

  57. Jesus Suarez Avatar

    I been trying to win something from ANY giveaway for a long time! pick meee pleaseeee!

  58. patrick allison Avatar
    patrick allison


  59. David Robinson Avatar
    David Robinson

    Awesome work! Would love to win these!

  60. Ralph Mayer Avatar

    I really want to check out the MM2 :)

  61. Braedon Avatar

    Very nice merch, would love to get a hold of some my self!

  62. invenio design Avatar

    i try again …… but i’m not so lucky, i’d to buy them..

  63. Riotmateria Avatar

    COMMENT COMMENT COMMENT :D not really sure what to say except that it would be awesome to with those posters and t-shirt!

  64. Sebastian chavez Avatar
    Sebastian chavez

    The posters are really awesome would be nice having them in my room

  65. Jenny Avatar

    What an awesome giveaway! Thanks!

  66. Danilo Brandão Avatar
    Danilo Brandão

    I really could hang these posters on my wall after the renovation of my bedroom… Would be awesome!!!

  67. Tyler Avatar

    These would be cool to hang in my classroom.

  68. David Avatar

    These posters would look awesome in my spectrum study!

  69. Mitch Cave Avatar

    Thanks for all that you guys do! You’re inspiration keeps me going! =D

  70. Ben Marrett Avatar

    Would love these poster would go down great in my office!!

  71. Jason Strauss Avatar
    Jason Strauss

    Pretty sure I would like to obtain this swag, and even more sure I was the most disappointed individual in the world when this event took place… As I now live out West, where nothing ever happens of awesome excitement.

    I’d give this all a good home, and a good set of frames to suit their lovely poster needs… Not to mention awesome muscles (I.E. Ribs) for the shirt.

  72. Andreja Avatar

    I’ll have one, please!! =)

  73. Theo (Mind5tate) Avatar

    I have a big collection of posters in my room.. adding these to the foray would be amazing!

  74. Sonia Sanassy Avatar

    Oui, le posters et magnifique!

  75. PJ Avatar

    My posters (which I ordered a while back) came in the post today! :)

  76. Devin I Avatar

    Those posters would look awesome in my room :)

  77. Daniel Avatar

    Hello James:
    I have been a quite fan of yours since about 2007, keep up the great work, EH! (I am Canadian too, eh, from ONT) I watched MM live. This is my first contact with you, and I will do more in the future.
    Thank you,

  78. nothalfhearted Avatar

    I wear a large tee and my walls are empty!! Let me sport SignalNoise and Abduzeedo in Northern California!

  79. mmartinovich Avatar

    Awesome! Love it!

  80. julio bustillos Avatar
    julio bustillos

    yes great job guys …….

  81. Nate Daubert Avatar
    Nate Daubert

    I would love a poster or a t!

  82. Drew Gilchrist Avatar

    Just picked up some new frames for my office. Problem is, I have nothing to fill them with! These would excellent!

  83. gamrcobe Avatar

    James, loved the Montreal Meets broadcast, we need more of that! Count me in on the Goodies, they look awesome!


  84. Henrique Milk Avatar
    Henrique Milk

    Great colors n contest!

  85. Mic Avatar


  86. Xmas Avatar

    Great designs – discovered you via Google Chrome artist themes. Loving the rainbow effects.

  87. Ryan Avatar

    Aurora borealis beautiful. Awesome poster designs! They are the “neon lights” of Canada. Keep up the great work James!

  88. George Lazaris Avatar

    Contest give aways are always the best! Especially when they’re based off of awesome events!

  89. MxM Avatar

    I want a poster!

  90. Viktor Avatar

    I love these contests.

  91. hello, i'm flo Avatar

    It could be cool if i could get some goodies !
    Hi from Belgium !


  92. Cristian Valverde Avatar
    Cristian Valverde

    Those would look great at my room lol!
    Awsome job!

  93. Alex Avatar

    Wow! What a great set to stand a chance at owning!

  94. rumble cat Avatar
    rumble cat

    need some style over here in krautland! :) greetings from leipzig

  95. heavenlyrobot Avatar

    super duper! i was so bummed i wasn’t able to attend! :D

  96. brandoncoxdesign Avatar

    I couldn’t make it to the event, but watched the entire thing online! Having the gear will make it that much cooler!

  97. Sme Avatar

    Super awesome posters! Amazing work as usual.

  98. Nekrath Avatar

    I wasn’t there but I checked it out on the web.

  99. YatesiusMaximus Avatar


  100. Domoalberto Avatar

    Love all the work of this guys!! they are awesome

  101. Nikola Lazarevic Avatar

    posters are great, super work by you and Fabio!

  102. Wade B. Avatar
    Wade B.

    Love your work and hope I get chosen!!