Montreal Meets: Contest giveaway

  1. I am moving soon to a new house :-) I will love to have one of the posters !!
    Pleaaaaassseee !!!
    Thanks for creating this promo ! :-)

  2. As I mentioned before, during SNBC, your MM poster has instantly become my favorite poster of yours, I like it even more than ‘Network’. I’d really want this to be my first time winning some of your stuff. :)

  3. I hope i win!

    These posters are so beautifull! They would look great in my new design studio ;)

  4. COMMENT COMMENT COMMENT :D not really sure what to say except that it would be awesome to with those posters and t-shirt!

  5. I really could hang these posters on my wall after the renovation of my bedroom… Would be awesome!!!

  6. Pretty sure I would like to obtain this swag, and even more sure I was the most disappointed individual in the world when this event took place… As I now live out West, where nothing ever happens of awesome excitement.

    I’d give this all a good home, and a good set of frames to suit their lovely poster needs… Not to mention awesome muscles (I.E. Ribs) for the shirt.

  7. Hello James:
    I have been a quite fan of yours since about 2007, keep up the great work, EH! (I am Canadian too, eh, from ONT) I watched MM live. This is my first contact with you, and I will do more in the future.
    Thank you,

  8. I wear a large tee and my walls are empty!! Let me sport SignalNoise and Abduzeedo in Northern California!

  9. Aurora borealis beautiful. Awesome poster designs! They are the “neon lights” of Canada. Keep up the great work James!

  10. I couldn’t make it to the event, but watched the entire thing online! Having the gear will make it that much cooler!

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