Montreal Meets: Abduzeedo and Signalnoise LIVE

• Poster by James White

• Poster by Fabio Sasso
• Poster by François Hoang

In a short couple of weeks I will be traveling to Montreal to take part in the Montreal Meets event, organized by my pal François Hoang. Montreal Meets will feature 2 hour-long presentations on creativity, inspiration, industry stuff and all kinds of fun stories geared toward artists and designers. I will be presenting, along with my good friend Fabio Sasso owner and operator of the best damn creative site on the web, Here is all the info:

When: Tuesday, January 25, 2011
Where: Concordia University, Montreal Quebec
Time: 6:00pm, be there at least 30 minutes to be seated
Twitter: @montreal_meets

François has talked about doing this kind of event for a little while now, and I’m really excited to be a part of it. This is a perfect example of doing things yourself and achieving your goals, so let’s give a round of applause to François Hoang for making it happen as well as the kind sponsorship of Go Media, Weapons of Mass Creation Fest and Delicate Machines.

I’m looking forward to meeting you all at Concordia University for the big event. Let’s make this rock harder then the Beatles in a fight with the Stones. See you soon, Montreal!






13 responses to “Montreal Meets: Abduzeedo and Signalnoise LIVE”

  1. Simon H. Avatar

    Go Media? WMC? Huh?

  2. seamz Avatar

    Wish I could be there, sounds like a blast

  3. Adam Avatar

    wow i realy love the top one :D

  4. Stefan Avatar

    Are you guys doing a meet-and-greet afterwards?

  5. Riotmateria Avatar

    any chance of there being a stream on the internet of it? :P
    or is that far too cheeky?

  6. james Avatar

    Stefan, I would imagine there will be some kind of hang-out after the presentations. Nothing better then chilling with other designers to talk about Photoshop. You coming? Be great to meet you.

    Riotmateria, I believe the talks will be streaming live. I’ll get that confirmed and will update the post accordingly.

  7. JE Avatar

    Sounds great! Shame I’m no where near Concordia. BTW whats the font used for the Montreal Meets text? Looks pretty slick

  8. james Avatar

    JE, I believe it’s a custom design. That would be a question for Francois, he designed it.

  9. Jeff Finley Avatar

    Glad to be part of it. Simon, Francois emailed me recently about sponsorship. I think it’s right in line with what WMC stands for, and it’s good exposure for us! Since James and Abduzeedo are two folks on our “most wanted” list for WMC, it makes sense!

  10. james Avatar

    Really appreciate it, Jeff. Thanks so much.

  11. neBen Avatar

    I’m looking forward to it and be there for sure !

  12. Colin Oakes Avatar

    This is going to be a great time! Just counting down the days. Maybe next year Jeff will show up :)

  13. Ryan24567 Avatar

    I’m gonna watch it if it’s streaming online. Sounds awesome but anything with James and Fabio is awesome. Too bad there’s no way I’d be able to go in person.

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