Montreal Meets: Abduzeedo and Signalnoise LIVE

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  1. any chance of there being a stream on the internet of it? :P
    or is that far too cheeky?

  2. Stefan, I would imagine there will be some kind of hang-out after the presentations. Nothing better then chilling with other designers to talk about Photoshop. You coming? Be great to meet you.

    Riotmateria, I believe the talks will be streaming live. I’ll get that confirmed and will update the post accordingly.

  3. Sounds great! Shame I’m no where near Concordia. BTW whats the font used for the Montreal Meets text? Looks pretty slick

  4. Glad to be part of it. Simon, Francois emailed me recently about sponsorship. I think it’s right in line with what WMC stands for, and it’s good exposure for us! Since James and Abduzeedo are two folks on our “most wanted” list for WMC, it makes sense!

  5. I’m gonna watch it if it’s streaming online. Sounds awesome but anything with James and Fabio is awesome. Too bad there’s no way I’d be able to go in person.

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