Montreal Meets 2 Wrap-up

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  1. What a wonderful weekend!
    Your talk was amazingly inspiring. Hope to see you again next year!

  2. No doubt, man! It was a life changing weekend for me. This was my first visit to Canada, and my first design conference — have I been living in a cave? Ha!

    Loved the Design Renegade presentation man, very inspiring, and I especially appreciated your transparency about your recent shift, and how you’ve rediscovered your passion. I think that resonated with a lot of us.

    Gosh. So much to say about MMTWO. I also felt honored to be among you all, and I’ll probably fly up from North Carolina again for MM3!

  3. The event was such a blast and it was an incredible pleasure to meet you James! It’s a shame, in the end, that we couldn’t do that interview! Maybe next time.

  4. I already said it many times but once again: really cool presentation, my favorite of the bunch along with Fabio’s and Radim’s. Thanks for coming to Montreal to share your experience and work.

  5. Why is Ryan Goslin on stage? :)
    I hope we can see a recorder version of the talks, i can´t afford that kind of travel. See ya!

  6. The event was originally going to be streamed, but unfortunate server problems happened which killed the plan. Sorry gang.

  7. It was an amazing event, indeed. I’m still processing everything!

    DESIGN RENEGADE was a great presentation, James. You should be proud of it! It’s good to know even the best hit a wall from time to time, and greatness shows through in how you deal with it.

    Thanks for the shout-out!

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