‘Moment of Fission’ by Robert Hodgin

Robert Hodgin

Robert Hodgin

Robert Hodgin

Robert Hodgin

Renegade Processing guru Robert Hodgin is at it again, posting a few images from his latest coding tangent entitled Moment of Fission. I posted a few images in a previous post about Robert’s work, simply love his use of color, lighting and bursts. And once again, if you are an iTunes user you will know Robert’s work from the wicked visualizer he built.

Check out his personal blog Flight404 as well as his Flickr stream.






4 responses to “‘Moment of Fission’ by Robert Hodgin”

  1. Chris Avatar

    Inspirational stuff. Shame somebody hacked his site, if you do a view source you can see loads of hidden ads :(

  2. Robert Avatar

    These pieces reminded me of your work, James. Thanks for the kind words. And thanks to you, Chris, for pointing out the hack. Probably been there for months. I hadn’t upgraded WordPress for a couple versions. Doubt what I just did will fix it for good, but I think the hidden ads are gone. Seriously, though, are there THAT many people buying black-market v1@gr@? Strange.

  3. james Avatar

    Thanks for swinging by, Robert! Great work on the new iterations of your Solar engine. The images you uploaded since this post have been phenomenal. Stoked to see the progression.

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