Movie Poster Monday 13: LIVE AND LET DIE

Film on Paper presents … the movie poster for LIVE AND LET DIE.

Director: Guy Hamilton
Genre(s) of Film: Action
Origin of Poster: USA
Year of Poster: 1973
Designer: Unknown
Artist: Robert McGinnis

Signalnoise in association with Film on Paper (Twitter) brings you Movie Poster Monday. We will be showcasing a movie poster to start every week, so be sure to check out future posts for some great art from cinema’s past.






3 responses to “Movie Poster Monday 13: LIVE AND LET DIE”

  1. Peter Avatar

    Love how you implemented the 007 into the name.

  2. Matthew Avatar

    Heh, the boat flying out of the alligator’s mouth is amusing.

  3. Christopher Dean Avatar

    Remember our ” vs ” conversation? Can anyone else spot the typo here?

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